International Harm Reduction Day – 7 May

A Press Release issued today by the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge (HKPR) District Health Unit on behalf of the HKLN Drug Strategy (Haliburton, Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland Drug Strategy) says that they recognize May 7 as “International Harm Reduction Day”.  The group called HKLN Drug Strategy promotes “evidence-based policies, practices and programs to reduce the social, legal and health-related harms associated with substance use”. They work towards “the reduction of the stigma associated with substance use” and “reducing substance use-related harms to individuals and communities, without discontinuing substance use itself.”  But with a focus on drug users, there seems to be no concern for people hurt by the behaviour of drug users – for example friends and family members or victims… Read complete articleInternational Harm Reduction Day – 7 May

YMCA Re-starts Joint Pool Discussion

In 2015, the YMCA and the Town of Cobourg decided that they wanted to build a new aquatic centre (pool) alongside the Cobourg Community Centre for as much as $25M. The idea included some form of merger between the YMCA and the CCC. Considerable work went into the study but in the end, the idea was abandoned – see Cobourg Blog reports in Resources below. However, at the time a draft MOU was written, perhaps signed. At the next meeting on April 3 of the Community Services, Protection, and Economic Development Standing Committee, the idea of working together and an MOU will be discussed. Although not mentioned specifically, building a joint YMCA/Town pool at the CCC seems to be back… Read complete articleYMCA Re-starts Joint Pool Discussion

NHH Announcements

There is so much negative news these days that some positive – or at least not negative news – is welcome. Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) is celebrating its 20th anniversary – the first patient was accepted on 22 October 2003.  Some of the celebration was interrupted by a Covid breakout but that is now over – although a tour of the Hospital was postponed.  Over the past several months, two initiatives were worked on: 1) a new branding – a fresh look for their web site, Facebook page, Twitter, Linked-in and letterhead and 2) a partnership with Northumberland County Archives and Museum (NCAM).  Both of these were announced in a Press Release on November 8 – plus on the web… Read complete articleNHH Announcements

Another Property Declared Unsafe to Occupy

Inspection by Town staff at 821 Battell Court started September 25 and “uncovered numerous Property Standards and health and safety concerns”.  Then on September 27 a second multi-agency inspection was completed with the result that a Property Standards Order was issued to address immediate deficiencies related to the Town’s prescribed property standards for occupancy. In addition to inadequate conditions involving ventilation, lighting, plumbing, heating, and electrical services it was determined due to safety reasons, that the building be secured to prevent occupancy until the deficiencies are corrected.  These inspections were a follow-up to “a multi-agency inspection of the property (that) had previously taken place in August to evaluate fire and municipal by-law concerns.” “As a result of this inspection, the… Read complete articleAnother Property Declared Unsafe to Occupy

Town Acts to Close Unsafe Residence

Today the Town of Cobourg announced that a residence on Division Street had numerous fire and life safety concerns and was deemed unsafe for occupancy.  The tenants were “removed from the property for their own health and safety and have been provided with temporary accommodation through the support of Red Cross”. Lisa Munday of Cobourg Police made the announcement on behalf of the Town. She said that “on Thursday, July 27, 2023, the Town of Cobourg Fire Department conducted an inspection of a residence on Division Street that uncovered numerous fire and life safety concerns.”  Then “on Friday, July 28, a second multi-agency inspection was completed. Under the Ontario Building Code and applicable Health Protection and Promotion legislation, the building… Read complete articleTown Acts to Close Unsafe Residence

It’s a Girl!

Why is all news negative?  Well it’s not – some news is “feel-good”.  With the new year, it’s a chance to start with some good news – in this case, for one happy couple and the Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH).  Some Hospitals have a tradition (including NHH) to announce the first baby of the new year and for 2023, it’s Hazel Mae, born to Angela and Bruno Gelao of Port Hope – well actually to Angela but father Bruno gets some of the credit (see photo below).  The Hospital’s announcement said: Hazel “weighed 6 pounds and 11.2 ounces (3,035 grams) at birth. Hazel, who carries her maternal grandmother’s name as her middle name, is warmly welcomed by older sister Nevaeh… Read complete articleIt’s a Girl!

NHH opens Cough, Cold and COVID Assessment Centre

One of the problems we have when we get what seems to be a cold, is knowing if it’s COVID or flu or just a cold. To help with this, the Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) has expanded the services at the portable trailer immediately outside the NHH Emergency Department although, no doubt because they expect a rush, you need to make an appointment.  So if you are experiencing “worsening cough, cold, earaches, sore throats, congestion and fever” – that is maybe Flu or Covid or even RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) – then call and ask for help diagnosing. If needed you can then make an appointment to see a clinician (often on the same day) and perhaps get a “COVID-19 PCR… Read complete articleNHH opens Cough, Cold and COVID Assessment Centre

Covid and Flu Update for Cobourg

Covid is mostly a problem for seniors – in Cobourg, 65% of Covid Deaths have been for people aged 80 or more and there have been no Covid Deaths for anyone younger than 39.  Since Covid statistics were first collected, in Cobourg, there have been 1303 confirmed Covid cases; 53 of these were hospitalized and there have been 12 Covid deaths in Cobourg.  Covid cases are now at a steady rate: according to sewage measurements which started in 2022, Covid peaked in April and August in Cobourg.  But now there is another problem and it’s primarily with flu like and respiratory diseases amongst young children.  In the HKPR Health region, from 28 August to 15 November, 15% of Visits to… Read complete articleCovid and Flu Update for Cobourg