It’s a Girl!

Why is all news negative?  Well it’s not – some news is “feel-good”.  With the new year, it’s a chance to start with some good news – in this case, for one happy couple and the Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH).  Some Hospitals have a tradition (including NHH) to announce the first baby of the new year and for 2023, it’s Hazel Mae, born to Angela and Bruno Gelao of Port Hope – well actually to Angela but father Bruno gets some of the credit (see photo below).  The Hospital’s announcement said: Hazel “weighed 6 pounds and 11.2 ounces (3,035 grams) at birth. Hazel, who carries her maternal grandmother’s name as her middle name, is warmly welcomed by older sister Nevaeh and older brother Luca and an extended family eager to meet her.”

Baby Hazel
Baby Hazel – with Mom & Dad

You can get more details about Angela, who has a long connection with NHH, at the press release here.

No doubt Angela and Bruno will be asked to complete the new survey that the Hospital has initiated – instead of a mailed paper survey, they will be asked like all patients and caregivers to use their cellphone to provide “feedback pertaining to the quality of care and experience received”. If you don’t have a cellphone or tablet, an iPad will be made available by NHH. (Also, hard-copy surveys will be provided in key waiting areas). There are more details on this at the NHH web site here.

For more health news on Cobourg News blog, go here.

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Mrs. J.
1 year ago

Yes indeed John …. what a great way to welcome in the New Year, with such refreshing, positive news of the blessed birth of a new life at our NHH.
As someone who spent a very lengthy stay myself at NHH, it brought tears of joy to my eyes when I’d hear our dear hospital play a soft rendition of Brahm’s lullaby over the intercom each time a new birth happened in the birthing ward.
Such a very sweet, caring tradition! (Certainly more uplifting than the various CODES announced, or the times when a patient’s room door is purposely closed, because a gurney with a deceased patient is passing through the hall.)
Welcome to the world wee Hazel Mae!

Reply to  Mrs. J.
1 year ago

The couple were on CTV news in Toronto.

1 year ago

Good news to start the New Year in Cobourg. Congrats mom and dad with baby Hazel