Dynamic Patrol Update

Starting May 1, Cobourg Police initiated their “Dynamic Patrol” which they describe as “one element of the Spring 2024 CPS Downtown Community Safety Action Plan”. In a surge of transparency, the Police are reporting on their activities on this Patrol which “will continue throughout the spring and summer. This initiative focuses on increasing police presence, engagement opportunities, bail enforcement, warrant execution, and probation condition compliance in the Town of Cobourg.”  The statement released today (May 23) about the period May 1 to May 20, reports that police conducted 102 foot patrols, responded to nine (9) suspected drug poisoning calls, and conducted 46 property checks within the downtown core, Victoria Park and east end towards the encampment. See below for more… Read complete articleDynamic Patrol Update

Police Chief reports on Shopping Cart Retrieval Project

On the Victoria Day holiday, Chief Paul VandeGraaf issued three Press Releases updating Police actions on their “Dynamic Patrol” as part of their “Downtown Action Plan”. One reported that 83 stolen shopping carts were recovered, 53 of these were from the encampment; the second reported an arrest of a woman with a stolen Winners cart containing stolen property; the third reported the arrest of a woman shoplifting downtown. More details are available below. These all happened on May 18 and 19. From this we can be assured that Police are active on weekends and that the shopping cart retrieval project has been successful with a large number retrieved from the encampment. No charges were laid relating to the retrieval of… Read complete articlePolice Chief reports on Shopping Cart Retrieval Project

Police Chief reports on Encampment

It’s not known why Police don’t issue useful reports on what’s happening with the homeless encampment but as reported on Pete Fisher’s web site, occasionally Police Chief Paul VandeGraaf does report to interested groups. On May 8, the Chief spoke to residents at Retirement home Palisade Gardens which is not far from the encampment. Pete’s report is long and comprehensive and I recommend reading it (see Resources below) but I will report on the highlights. Chief VandeGraaf spoke about no longer feeling safe downtown, is there in fact more crime now, why don’t Police kick people out of the encampment, why aren’t people who are acting crazy arrested, what’s happening with the Dynamic Patrol and more about the shopping cart… Read complete articlePolice Chief reports on Encampment

Police Increase Visible Patrols Downtown

A year ago, Cobourg Police launched their “Downtown action plan”.  The plan was said to be “a constellation of proactive crime prevention initiatives and will formalize various harm reduction related programs”.  It included visible Police officers patrolling downtown and nearby.  And now, on May 1, 2024, Police announced the “Spring 2024 CPS Downtown Community Safety Action Plan, including the Dynamic Patrol initiative.”  It’s described as “an evolution of the CPS Downtown Action Plan and in response to community concerns, Dynamic Patrol will be deployed in the downtown area and surrounding neighbourhoods starting today. It will focus on increasing police presence, increasing engagement opportunities, and enhancing bail compliance efforts in the Town of Cobourg.”  The thing to note is the Dynamic… Read complete articlePolice Increase Visible Patrols Downtown

First Look at County Police Review

The consultant reviewing policing in Northumberland County will make their first report to County Council at their meeting on 17 April. The report describes what they plan to do and gives a final report date of “the second half of 2024”.  The project was initiated in January 2023 when Brighton Mayor Brian Ostrander moved to include $75,000 in the budget to “update the 2007 Policing Study Final Report for Northumberland County.”  He was supported by Mayor Lucas Cleveland, Port Hope’s Mayor Olena Hankivsky and Alnwick/Haldimand Township Mayor John Logel.  The presentation by the consultant, StrategyCorp, points to options to be considered and criteria to be evaluated including “what next steps could be considered to support effective public safety services as… Read complete articleFirst Look at County Police Review

Police Force Expansion Linked to Possible New Building

At the Community Protection and Economic Development Standing Committee meeting on April 3rd, there was a motion made to “get the ball rolling” on the Police request for a new building. As reported earlier, Police believe that they have outgrown their existing building on King Street and recommend a new building at a new location for approx. $34M. The Standing committee members (Mayor Cleveland, Aaron Burchat, Adam Bureau) all agreed that this would be a long term project and that it should be considered simultaneously with the possible expansion of the Force or a merger. Mayor Cleveland emphasized that he was NOT suggesting switching services to the OPP but perhaps there should be a West Northumberland or County Police Force…. Read complete articlePolice Force Expansion Linked to Possible New Building

Cobourg Police Want New Facility

About a year ago, the County decided to look into the idea of a Northumberland Police Force to replace the current Policing by the OPP, Cobourg and Port Hope Police forces. At the time Cobourg’s Mayor Lucas Cleveland suggested that one possible transition would be to start with merging the Port Hope and Cobourg Police forces. Also around the same time, Cobourg Police issued an RFP to assess whether the current building needed to be changed. That study has now been completed and will be provided to the Police Board at their meeting on February 20.  The recommendation is that a new building should be built at a new location for approx. $34M – and that’s assuming there’s no amalgamation with… Read complete articleCobourg Police Want New Facility

Third Shooting Suspect Arrested

On Wednesday, 16 August 2023, at approximately 4:45 pm, officers were called to the south end of Hibernia Street regarding sounds of gunshots. Police investigation identified three suspects. On 25 August, one suspect was arrested; on 29 August a second suspect was arrested and on 11 January, the third suspect was arrested.  All were charged with a large number of offences including attempted murder.  The most recent arrest (of Elijah Kerridge-Lall) was made by “a partner police service” and previous Police information is that he and the other suspects live in the Durham region.  The shooting occurred at a West Beach encampment of homeless individuals who subsequently moved to County property on William street then moved to their current location… Read complete articleThird Shooting Suspect Arrested

Police Approve 2024 Budget

Cobourg’s Police service is the single biggest line item on the Town’s budget but their increase in 2024 at 6.3% is less than Cobourg’s proposed increase of 8.06%.  A big plus for the Police is they partially support themselves with their business unit – in 2024, the business unit will contribute $2.1M or 22% of total cost. Another plus is that they provide a good amount of detail – including personnel count. This is important because I calculate that wages, salaries and benefits are 77% of Police costs. Separately, the Police provide detailed reports on their performance – see the Agendas of their monthly meetings. See link in Resources below for the statistics to November in December’s report. The board also hears… Read complete articlePolice Approve 2024 Budget