Unusual Request for Citizen support

Usually, when people are asked to support a project it means they are being asked for money – but not this time.  Five Counties Children’s Centre (FCCC) has a property in Cobourg at 800 Division Street that has a large “backyard” which would be great if kids in their program could use it but they cannot.  They say that: “There are safety and accessibility issues from a nearby drainage ditch [South boundary] and traffic from an adjacent driveway and parking lot. The vision is to put up fencing and install an accessible playground, sensory play equipment, accessible garden area, gazebo, storage space and eventually a track.”  But all that will cost $255K.  They have so far raised 40% of that and have applied for a grant from Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group for $50K but there needs to be an indication of community support.  This usually means “how many dollars has the community contributed so far?” but this time non-monetary support is wanted.

FCCC says:

The investment is well worth it, as demonstrated by a similar Backyard Project completed approximately two years ago at the Five Counties site in Peterborough.

“As we’ve seen in Peterborough, the proposed accessible playground and natural enhancements to the outdoor space at our Northumberland site will have countless benefits to the children and youth who receive therapy services at the centre, as well as other families and community members across the county,” (FCCC CEO Scott) Pepin notes. “Once realized, the Northumberland Backyard Project would be a space which offers inclusion by natural design, creating a place for children with and without disabilities to play easily and build friendships.”

You can learn more about the project here.

You can show support here: FCCC Accessible Safe Backyard Green Space – Deadline is November 15. Add a story, or a comment or add a photo or share on Facebook.

I’d guess that financial support would also be welcome but first your words of support are wanted.


Five Counties Children’s Centre helps children with physical, communication and developmental needs.  We work with children and adolescents, along with their families and the community, to strengthen their abilities and promote their participation as active members of the community.

Anyone can ask them for help for their child and most programs are free.

Five Counties operates in five locations (Campbellford, Cobourg, Haliburton County /Minden, Lindsay, Peterborough) but I only count 4 counties!

Below is a Google satellite image of the property.

800 Division St Cobourg
800 Division St Cobourg
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Linda Mackenzie-Nicholas
1 year ago

Project is deserving of support- shame that support has to be done though private donations!

Reply to  Linda Mackenzie-Nicholas
1 year ago

Deserving yes. But I don’t understand: Private vs Public donations?

William McDonnell
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing John. How does one go about making a donation?

Miriam Mutton
1 year ago

Thanks John for writing about this project. It is a great idea and deserves community support!
As someone who has worked on similar cooperative projects over the years, I sent in my story (school yard greening project, daycare play yard plan, etc.) to help support the organization and the people it serves. One of the popular ideas was to put in small lawn mounds (berms) the young children liked to run or roll down, or sled down in winter.

Reply to  Miriam Mutton
1 year ago

A while back, a fellow member of our Probus Club, sent me a brochure about “Five Counties” as a possible subject for our “Speakers Program”. It seemed, indeed, to be a very worthwhile topic and one that is actively considered. Thanks John for whiting about that group, as it seemed to be a very good community oriented project.