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We are fortunate to have a good entertainment scene in Cobourg – but I wonder how many people realize just how extensive and diverse it is.  In the next several months, the Town will be immersed in developing a Cultural plan to point the way to the future in both entertainment and heritage but a starting point is knowing what we already have. There are not only multiple venues (Victoria Hall, The Loft, Trinity Church, Best Western, Cobourg Community Centre, Rainbow Cinemas) but also multiple organizations (see list and details below).  A big part of getting the word out has now gone with the demise of the daily paper so we must rely on posters, web sites and word of mouth. It also means we need to work at it.

Concert Band at Levee
Concert Band at Levee

Note that my definition of Entertainment includes Speakers but not fundraisers (which can be entertaining but that’s not their prime objective). The photo at right is of the Cobourg Concert band at the 2015 New Year’s Mayor’s Levee.  Don’t forget to come to the 2019 event where John Henderson will be hosting for the first time – you will meet and socialize with all the Councillors – it’s at 2:00 pm on January 1st. 

Below is a list of organizations, information on how to get tickets and how to “get the word out” including links to web sites where you can post your own events.

Organization Venue Events
Plays and Concerts
Northumberland Players Firehall Theatre, Victoria Hall Plays
VOS Victoria Hall Musicals
Northumberland Orchestra and Choir Trinity United Church Concerts
Les AMIS Cobourg Loft First class live classical concerts
Town of Cobourg Victoria Hall Concerts, Sandcastle Festival, Christmas Lights, New Year Levee
Oriana Singers Trinity United Church Concerts
La Jeunesse Trinity United Church Concerts
Concert Band of Cobourg Victoria Hall and Victoria Park Christmas concert, summer bandshell concerts
Ken Prue Cobourg Loft Jazz, Folk, Blues and other live Concerts
89.7FM Victoria Park Summer Concerts
Cobourg Cougars Cobourg Community Centre Hockey
Cobourg Kodiaks Cobourg Community Centre LaCrosse
Cobourg Museum Foundation Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre Exhibitions, Speakers
Art Gallery of Northumberland Victoria Hall Exhibitions, Speakers
Marie Dressler Foundation The Loft and Capitol Theatre RearView DocFest, Vintage Film Festival
Rainbow Cinemas Rainbow Cinema First Run Movies
Northumberland Film Sundays Rainbow Cinema First Run Movies – from TIFF
Ken Prue Cobourg Loft Documentary and special interest movies
DBIA King Street Busker Festival, Food and Music Festival, Sidewalk Sale, Harvest Festival, Santa Parade
Other Groups Victoria Park and more Highland Games, Waterfront Festival, Rib Festival, Antique Car Show and more
Various Cobourg library Speakers
Lions Clubs Lions Community Centre Various
One time events Various e.g. Criterium Bicycle races, visiting celebrity concerts,

Note that the above list is not 100% comprehensive.

You can get more information and tickets to many of these events at the Concert Hall Box Office.

In addition to entertainment, there are clubs that provide social events and organizations that hold fundraisers. Here is a list of clubs.

To assist in publicizing events, you can post your own event at these web sites:

As well as posting your event on these calendars, many groups also create a poster to display in the windows of helpful businesses.  And if you can’t have a web site, at least have a facebook page.

The Cobourg Internet Calendar attempts to collect all these sources into one place – go here.  There is also a list of providers of Entertainment and major events here.

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Water Wacher
5 years ago

I understand that the list is not comprehensive but am at a oss to understand how tit is possible that the Cobourg Legion Band of Pipes and Drums could possibly be omitted — a band that for many years has and continues to provide hours of music both in (and outside) Cobourg. Surely this oversight could be corrected?

John Draper
Reply to  Water Wacher
5 years ago

Thanks for adding them – I guess I missed them since they don’t have scheduled concerts. Also missing is the New Ventures band which is more of a club. Note also the Ganaraska Chordsmen and a number of others who give occasional concerts. Look under the clubs link in the article for more.

Gayle Carver
5 years ago

John, I know that you appreciate the facts to be correct in all your
correspondence. I would just like to point out that the Cobourg Concert Band’s
correct title is The Concert Band of Cobourg.

Diana Storen
5 years ago

John: in your chart you list “concerts” beside the Northumberland Orchestra and Choir (NOC), and “first class live classical concerts” beside Les Amis. I think the people who attend NOC concerts would call the music we play “first class.” And like the other concerts you list, it it is “live.” Youmay not have meant to do it, but you give the impression that the Les Amis concerts are of better quality than all the other groups, including NOC, that are listed.

John Draper
Reply to  Diana Storen
5 years ago

The reason for the Les AMIS description as “first class” is to highlight that their musicians are renowned worldwide – think of them as a group that would normally perform in Toronto. I don’t think other groups could warrant that description. Maybe “world class” would be a better description? In any event, Les AMIS play a very different kind of music to the Concert band or even NOC. They are not a full orchestra – perhaps chamber music would be a better description.Therefore, they should not be compared to other local groups. I hope that clarifies this issue. Thanks for your input. Note that I do support the Concert band – note the lead photo.

Diana Storen
Reply to  John Draper
5 years ago

I did notice.Thank you! Les Amis are professional musicians. That is the other distinction. And yes, the use ofthe words chamber music would have helped. .Please note that Molly Johnson will be performing with NOC next year. I know nothing about her but people are very excited that she is coming.

5 years ago

Can’t recall any Northumberland Players plays put on in Victoria Hall other than the recent Last Play, Last Hour, and that was because it was the location of the trial on which the play was based. They do, however, use both the Best Western for dinner theatre and the Capitol Theatre in PH for their musicals because there is no suitable location in Cobourg.
VOS put on a musical once a year in Victoria Hall. The productions usually have large casts and I feel claustrophobia on their behalf on the wide in width but narrow in depth stage there.

Reply to  Gailr97
5 years ago

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe opens on December12 at Victoria Hall.
Every year, the Northumberland Players Youth Theatre perform for up to 2800, including school children and public performances. The annual Christmas prodiction is so popular there is very little advertising required so you might not have heard of it. This year, a second publc performance has been added at 11:00 am on December 15 because the 2:00 pm show is sold out.

Happy Walrus
5 years ago

You might also include on “Cobourg Internet” a list of organizations that are always looking for volunteers. For example; Habitat for Humanity, Northumberland Players, Meals on Wheels, NHH, Horizons of Friendship, etc., etc. and who/how to contact and what their needs might be, perhaps with a link? We are so fortunate to live in such a giving and generous community. No matter what your political stripe, we all need to count our blessings…which includes you John!

John Draper
Reply to  Happy Walrus
5 years ago

If you look at the link to the list of clubs provided in the article you will see that many clubs are looking for Volunteers. Not all those you list could be called clubs but the clubs page lists about 50 who are looking for volunteers – including some on your list.

5 years ago

WE OBVIOUSLY DON’T NEED ANY MORE THEATERS there seems to be a bit of stiff competition
and all aspects are obviously covered in these 2 small towns — So what do yo think of a Small Casino with musical entertainment
in the Park Theater now that Kawartha Downs is closed / closing we could keep some of that $$$ money in town and Northumberland . Then we would be like those sunny tourist communities and all inclusive resorts we tend to head for in the winter seeking warmth and excitement .

Reply to  perplexed
5 years ago

What a great idea! A real boon to main street traffic and a win-win for locals and tourists alike. Think anyone will champion this?

Wally Keeler
Reply to  Roscoe
5 years ago

Go ahead, invest some of your capital in the project.

Wally Keeler
Reply to  perplexed
5 years ago

Great idea. Unfortunately I do not have enough capital to invest in such a venture. I don’t understand the “we” pronoun use. What “we” are you talking about? We taxpayers?

5 years ago

Thanks John! Most helpful, especially for new arrivals in town.