Santa Parade – 2018

Despite the two degree temperature, a good crowd turned out to watch this year’s Santa parade on Sunday. There was no sunshine but also no rain or snow and little or no wind which meant it was not bad considering the weather in the previous week or two. Depending on who you spoke to and probably depending on their memories, the parade was better or not so good. I counted six bands which is good although I thought there were fewer large floats. However, the major attraction – Santa – was on a lower sleigh. It was probably easier to see him but it somehow was not as impressive as the one where he looked down from on high. But see for yourself in the Video below.

Santa Parade 2018
Santa Parade 2018

There were only two politicians – both incoming Mayor John Henderson and MP Kim Rudd walked the route. It was good to see children participating as well as lining the route – it is after all primarily a family event. I don’t know what it means but although there were a couple of groups identifying as Christian, I did not notice any nativity scenes. As for other groups – the Gay community was represented but not the immigrant community who featured in the July 1st Parade. Comparing to the Canada Day Parade, the Santa Parade seems to benefit from the date chosen (Nov 18) since several of the bands were from out of Town – the Steel band was from as far away as Brockville.

The parade took about 45 minutes to pass by – the video is about 19 minutes.  Be sure to watch in full screen mode.

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5 years ago

I am happy that the parade was good! Where can I see pictures and video of it?

Reply to  Reed Giroux
5 years ago
manfred s
Reply to  Frenchy
5 years ago

hahaha…good one Frenchy! Gotta wonder sometimes…

dean mandzuk
5 years ago

my son and I had a great time looking out as we drove the tractor “rudolph”
I was glad that the weather co-operated as rudolph has a full plow route this year.
I hope that with our commitment to sponsoring the parade that we can keep it going for years to come.
It is amazing to see the faces of kids and parents lining the streets and waving at you. I really enjoyed myself.
Maybe once we get 9 “john deeres” they will let us pull santas sleigh. hehehe.

5 years ago

A big thanks to all who organized this event! I like it’s simplicity! Santa looked the the real deal but was sooooo quiet. Would be great to mic him or have bell ringers surround the sleigh. Maybe we can borrow some upside-down clown costumes to amuse the kids on the sidewalk. I know I used to love them!!

5 years ago

I did not attend this year’s parade but was told that overall the parade was pretty good, but Santa was very anticlimatic.

5 years ago

Many thanks to all who organized, participated in and volunteered for the Santa Claus Parade. Have a Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to all.