Town accused of not listening

In a last ditch attempt to stop the approval of the conversion of 394 College to 5 apartments, Emily Chorley made a presentation to Council tonight that accused Council of not listening and of not following proper procedure.  Emily represents the residents on College street and you have to give her credit for persistence and not giving up.  Her presentation was organized and systematic with specific concerns about how the zoning and site plan approval has been done.  She said that 92 local residents did not receive notification of the project, that there were external changes even though it was said there would be none and that they were foreseeable and that none of the suggestions or requests for concessions… Read complete articleTown accused of not listening

Cobourg Feel-Good Town

Two presentations at Cobourg’s Council meeting tonight were positives – first, the Peewee AA Northumberland Nighthawks Hockey Team were congratulated for winning the 2017 OMHA and OHF Championships.  This team was formed by a merging of a Port Hope and a Cobourg team making it a West Northumberland team so both Mayors were there for the presentation of plaques and handshaking.  See photo below-right.  The second presentation was by Communications Officer Ashley Purdy who was ecstatic over the free publicity that Cobourg got from a video that went viral on Facebook.   The video has been viewed 169,000 times so far and media outlets in the U.S., Japan and the U.K. want to show it.  The video shows an encounter between… Read complete articleCobourg Feel-Good Town