Cobourg Feel-Good Town

Two presentations at Cobourg’s Council meeting tonight were positives – first, the Peewee AA Northumberland Nighthawks Hockey Team were congratulated for winning the 2017 OMHA and OHF Championships.  This team was formed by a merging of a Port Hope and a Cobourg team making it a West Northumberland team so both Mayors were there for the presentation of plaques and handshaking.  See photo below-right. 

Mayors of Cobourg and Port Hope in joint presentation
Mayors of Cobourg and Port Hope in joint presentation

The second presentation was by Communications Officer Ashley Purdy who was ecstatic over the free publicity that Cobourg got from a video that went viral on Facebook.   The video has been viewed 169,000 times so far and media outlets in the U.S., Japan and the U.K. want to show it.  The video shows an encounter between a fox and an owl on the West Pier outside the Marina office.  See the video on facebook here or via You-Tube below.

Owl arrives at around 1 minute

Not every council event is feel-good – watch out for the next report


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Rusty Brown
6 years ago

Fox? Or coyote? I’ve seen such furry-tailed light brown critters in my driveway a few times near the old West High School, but still don’t know which it was I saw.