Municipal Tax Refunds

In the budget setting process for 2017, Cobourg learned that several large corporations had appealed their taxes across Ontario and had been granted refunds and that the impact on Cobourg’s budget would be about $600K.  There are other reasons for tax “refunds” so the budget was set at $800K for 2017.  But the total so far to date is $1,050K.  One of the controversial reasons for tax refunds is the vacancy rebate mandated by the Province but this was only $340K for Cobourg in 2017 and of this only $48K was for Downtown properties.  The decision on vacancy rebates has now been passed back to Municipalities and the County is currently reviewing the situation.  During 2017, Treasurer Ian Davey provided… Read complete articleMunicipal Tax Refunds

Venture 13 – Progress

With an aggressive schedule, the contractor for the Venture 13 project (Dalren) has started work and the expected move in date is on track for April 2018.  One of the groups occupying space in the new Building will be Makers Northumberland and they got a boost today with a $30,000 loan for start-up costs and equipment outfitting for the MakerLab.  That’s a 40ft x 23ft space set up to allow prototyping, custom manufacturing, 3D printing etc. – it’s a microfactory for hardware startups. The money will be supplied by Northumberland CFDC which is funded by the Federal Government so both CFDC’s Wendy Curtis and MP Kim Rudd were at the announcement this morning.  Also at the announcement were Mayor Gil Brocanier,… Read complete articleVenture 13 – Progress