Total Eclipse in Cobourg – not just eye safety

By now, most will know that Cobourg is in the path of a total solar eclipse on Monday April 8 around 3:20 pm. At around that time in Cobourg, the sun will be blocked by the moon, it will go dark for just over 1 minute and then it will revert to a partial eclipse which will be not much different to normal.  So what does this mean?  Being careful how you view it seems obvious – use only specially approved glasses or create a pin-hole “camera” – but “emergency” organizations in the Town and County have listed a range of other concerns and all schools will be closed for a re-scheduled PA day.  Parents should check with day care centres who may also close.

Protect your eyes

As you might expect, the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit has comprehensive information on protecting your eyes. Go here.

Note especially that even looking at a small sliver of the Sun during a solar eclipse can be harmful to vision with possible permanent damage.  And do not use a camera or phone camera lens, telescope, binoculars, or other optical device to look at the Sun. They do not provide protection and you could damage cameras.

Concerns of Emergency groups

In Cobourg that’s the “Emergency Control Group”; for Northumberland that’s the “Community Emergency Management Coordinator”.

Because this is a “once in a lifetime event” and because only a narrow path (~110km) will experience a total eclipse, it’s expected that many people will travel to locations with totality (like Cobourg) causing traffic congestion, heavy usage of roads, line-ups at gas stations and busy cell phones.  It will no doubt be worse in places like Niagara but Cobourg is predicted to be busy!

Here are the recommendations and closures:

  • Please stay off the road. If you can work from home, consider doing so.
  • Think of purchasing your groceries or any other regular supplies in advance of April 8.
  • Cobourg Police Service reminds motorists to stay alert and exercise patience. Plan your route and leave extra time to get to and from your destination.
  • Fuel up vehicles in advance of the April 8 event
  • The Cobourg Fire Department will be adding an additional crew as a precautionary measure. Residents are advised to consider viewing the eclipse from a less densely populated area and one that will have a lower demand for facilities such as washrooms.
  • Both Public and Catholic School boards have rescheduled PA days to April 8 so schools will be closed
  • Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) located in Bewdley, Seymour and Brighton will be closing at 1:00 pm on Monday, April 8. (They cannot operate in the dark!)
  • The Northumberland County Forest will be closed from 12:00 pm Sunday, April 7 and will reopen the morning of Tuesday, April 9.
  • Some businesses will be closed – one example is the United Way office.

Is this an over-reaction? I guess we’ll soon see.

Eclipse Timing for Cobourg
For Latitude: 43.963056N and Longitude: 78.164722W (approx. James and Division)

Partial Eclipse starts: 14:06:59
Total Eclipse Starts: 15:20:56
Duration of Total Eclipse: 1:21.7

To actually see the eclipse, there will of course have to be no clouds in the way!

Or you can watch online

  1. Watch from Belleville
  2. NASA


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1 month ago

Hey Folks the Town Tax Payers must be Hosting a Lot of Non residents
most of the Towns Municipal work force is working feverishly across the whole water front in preparation for visitors viewing the Eclipse It was like a military maneuver down here between 7 and 8 am .and still going
Lets hope all those tourists actually shop down town and By Law gets a head start on its parking fine Quota for the year

Reply to  Sandpiper
1 month ago

Shop Down town? Ha Ha!

Reply to  greengrass
1 month ago

No thanks. Too risky and way too expensive.

George Taylor
Reply to  greengrass
1 month ago


Jayne Finn
Reply to  Sandpiper
1 month ago

Sad that the sun is going to be obscured because there are dozens of families with coolers & blankets ready to enjoy the afternoon unlike you Sandpiper. Only you care where people are from.

Reply to  Sandpiper
1 month ago

Honest question: With the total eclipse being a once-in-a-lifetime event for many, why do you find it necessary to knock Cobourg again?

1 month ago

Bring your pets inside during the eclipse…keep them safe!

Reply to  cornbread
1 month ago

No need to do this. Animals do not stare at the sun. Do they have to bring in farm animals and wildlife too?

George Taylor
Reply to  Marilyn
1 month ago

Watch the News! Animals are SMARTER than a LOT of Human’s ?

Concerned Cobourg Resident
1 month ago

Don’t people have anything better to do?
Watch it online. Nothing special folks.

Get on with your lives.

Reply to  Concerned Cobourg Resident
1 month ago

The total eclipse IS PART OF OUR LIVES!!

George Taylor
Reply to  Liz
1 month ago

I Have Been Eclpsed on the 401. only lasted a few seconds. DAMN.

Reply to  Liz
1 month ago

Liz and CCR,
As Liz noted, it is part of our lives.
A total solar eclipse occurs every few years on our planet. For those who travel infrequently, this may be a once-in-a- lifetime event.

The last total solar eclipse was in 2021 and was only visible from Antarctica. The last total solar eclipse visible from North America was in 2017. The last total solar eclipse visible in broadly populated areas of Canada was in 1979. In 2008, there was a TSE visible in parts of Nunavut

The next TSE is predicted to occur in Aug 2026 and be visible in the arctic, Greenland, Iceland, Northern Spain.

1 month ago

Can someone explain why Northumberland County Forrest would need to be closed?

Reply to  Mervin
1 month ago

In days long ago there was much superstition around eclipses. Perhaps somebody thinks people will head to the forest and sacrifice goats to appease the gods. I really have no idea but trying to understand the reasoning of many local politicians and public servants is futile.

Reply to  Kevin
1 month ago

Remember 1999? The whole year we were being warned our computers would go kaput when the balled dropped to brimg in 2000. It’s like that.

Reply to  Mervin
1 month ago

Ahhh they’re trying to reduce foot traffic on the trails during this wet period.

Reply to  Mervin
22 days ago

Is that a problem at the NCF? I’ve gone there on rainy days and I’ve never seen it even a bit mushy.

Last edited 22 days ago by Meryl
Sam Westcott
1 month ago

I understand that The Cat & Fiddle, Cargo 48, The El and most of the Coffee shops will be open. Not sure about them all because some close on Mondays anyway.

Florence Fletcher
Reply to  Sam Westcott
1 month ago

The Fabled Bean on King Street will be open. They are usually closed on Mondays but will be open for this event.