The Cobourg Loft to Close

Today Ken Prue announced that his unique venue, the Cobourg Loft, is to close on 30 October 2022. This is because the new owners of the building have decided to convert the space to residential apartments. The building was sold a few months ago and it has been business as usual since then. Ken has operated the Loft for 8 years and it has gained a reputation as Cobourg’s home of exceptional quality film and occasional live music performances.  Ken hopes to continue to present live music at Victoria Hall and wants to reassure everyone that the Loft will be fully operational right up to the end.  His announcement came as the footnote to a regular newsletter and is worth quoting in full – see below.

Ken’s Announcement

Bonjour Tristesse:

Cobourg’s LOFT venue is becoming ‘residential.’ The building at 201 Division St. has new owners and they have decided to convert the second floor of the building to residential apartments. Ken Prue’s eight year term as film curator and live music presenter at The LOFT will end on Oct 30, 2022.

October ’22 will end on 3 high notes indicative of the style of entertainment that Ken has strived to present in his time operating The LOFT.

  • Oct 13 to 15, Northumberland Hispanic Culture Club and Ken will present six Hispanic-language films honouring the large Hispanic speaking population that lives in Northumberland.
  • Oct 15 – 7 pm, Ken will present The Dave Young/Terry Promane Octet at Victoria Hall featuring eight of the best jazz musicians in Canada.
  • Oct 30 – Ken and Les AMIS Concerts will present the Elizabeth Dolin Trio featuring three chamber musicians that brought a full LOFT house to its feet and then its knees, in November 2021.

All things must pass.

Ken Prue
Ken Prue

Ken (me) ‘does the work,’  trying to live a better life. In working, this translates to ‘Right Livelihood.’ Earn a living that does not harm other living beings. Avoid work that causes suffering to others. Or, that makes a decent, virtuous life impossible. Therefore, do not engage in any occupation that opposes or distracts one from the path of love. Most of all, serve the world through your work.

  • From time to time you may see me presenting live music at The Concert Hall at Victoria Hall. Come.
  • It will be ‘business as usual’ at The LOFT until Oct 30, 2022. Keep Coming right up to the end.
  • I will continue to communicate through this newsletter almost weekly until Oct 30/22.
  • After Oct 30 newsletters will come when I feel moved, as long as you agree to receive them. Receive.
  • Beyond the grave, you will need to set your receivers on ‘transcendental.’ I hope to continue our dialogue.

This is the note I wish to leave on.

Peace. Out.

So far there is no word on the fate of the ground floor Craft Food House.

The success of Ken’s venture indicates that there is a need in Cobourg for such a venue: a small cinema/theatre with a capacity around 60 managed by someone like Ken with savvy in the arts world.


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2 years ago

How sad. I always felt “at home” at The Loft. Good Luck to Ken. Where are we to go for culture and entertainment now?

2 years ago

Why do wonderful things have to come to an end? Ken, The Loft has always been a warm, welcoming place to visit. Excellent documentaries/shows/movies. Maybe another location will be found for you. Hope so!

2 years ago

Sad, sad day for Cobourg and surrounds. When you know you will miss something, it proves how lucky you have been to have it. Thanks Ken, & very best wishes. Warren