Slow News Week in Cobourg

With fewer Council meetings in the summer and many people taking time off, news is often slow this time of year.  There’s an election coming up but so far there have not been many who have filed as candidates (details below).  Covid is still a threat but there are no lockdowns (details below) – it’s now treated much like regular flu.  The County has some surveys but Cobourg only has its long running survey on Brookside.  The good news is that the Entertainment choices are improving although you might have noticed that we did not have the usual Sandcastle competition this weekend.  Also, Rainbow Cinemas are operating on a reduced schedule – now only five days per week and two shows per day.

Election Candidates

As of 31 July, there are only 5 candidates

  • Mayor – John Henderson
  • Deputy Mayor – Susanne Séguin
  • Councillors: Adam Bureau, Aaron Burchat, Johnny Percolides

Nominations may be filed up to August 18.

Go to this page for the latest info.

Covid Statistics

In Cobourg, there are 7 active cases, 3 deaths so far this year and 17 hospitalizations so far this year.  Currently there are outbreaks at the Cobourg Retirement Residence, Cornerstone and Rosewood.  Note that the count of “Active Cases” does not include non-lab tests – e.g. tests you do yourself – so the total number of cases is quite a bit higher than 7.  However, sewage sampling suggests only a mild uptick.



  • Brookside  – this has been available since February.  There is no close date.


The County is seeking feedback (via an open house and not via a survey) on:

Page with more details on surveys – updated as Surveys change



A list of other local online news media web sites is available here.

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1 year ago

Despite the caption that it is “a slow news week in Cobourg” you still manage to outdo yourself with a wide range of topics in the article. Call me Simple, but I always get a daily chuckle from “the character” working so hard to highlight the “Local Events” in the column on the right hand side.

1 year ago

Why is it that everyone the Police pick up for Theft and shop lifting etc
are released time and time again . Only to Repeat with out concern or consequence ??
The same goes for Graffiti . What ever happened to Public Service ??

Reply to  Sandpiper
1 year ago

That’s not the cops making that decision, it’s prosecutors and those decisions are made largely based on costs.

Ever noticed that the people complaining loudest about our, “catch and release,” justice system always seem to be the same people who do the most whining over every single nickel of tax they’ve ever had to pay?

What ever happened to public service? The most entitled generation in history ran out on the bill, that’s what happened.

Reply to  Sandpiper
1 year ago

You should address these concerns to our MPP Paccini, the Attorney General and Doug Ford. The Town and County have no control over this.

1 year ago

Good morning John!
Thanks for the update on various events! My son and his family, who drove in from Vancouver to pay us a few days visit, enjoyed the ‘side walk sale’ this past weekend! We also had a very nice meal, on the grass, at the Cobourg Yacht Club. This is a satellite venue for Arthurs! Nice to ‘people watch’ and see the big boats coming and going!
Who needs to go anywhere when you live in Coburg!
Now…..let’s hope the next council can get things going on other things!

Old Sailor
1 year ago

A tip of the hat to the organizers of this weekend’s Downtown Sidewalk Sale. The Old Doll and The Old Sailor dropped some money in a number of stores on Friday. I saw one customer walk out of a store with six boxes of shoes she had just purchased. Lots of smiling children.

My suggestion for the “Featured Events” link above would be to have the “Event Date” to the right of the “Title” description instead of the “Created Date” to the right, which now puts the events out of chronoligcal order.