Covid-19 Outbreak at Hospital

Today Northumberland Hills Hospital said that “The number of admitted patients at Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) continues to rise as case counts increase in the region.”  Susan Walsh, President and CEO of NHH said: “Sadly, COVID-19 has not gone away.”  The Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit (HKPRDHU) keeps track of outbreaks in high risk settings and one of the 11 Outbreaks in the region is NHH. Three of the Outbreaks are in Cobourg – see list below.  According to HKPR, the count of cases in Cobourg is 8 but the Hospital says that “We currently have eleven admitted patients confirmed positive for COVID-19. Some are here because of COVID-19, some came to hospital for other reasons but were found to have COVID-19 through our screening procedures and, unfortunately, some (five individuals) appear to have contracted COVID-19 while inside the hospital through person-to-person transmission.”

The overall situation does not seem bad although there is an uptick as measured by sewage tests per this graph:

Covid Sewage test Aug 2022
Covid Sewage test Aug 2022

Cobourg Outbreaks

  • Cobourg Retirement Residence
  • Transition House
  • Northumberland Hills Hospital

Full list here – includes those declared over.

The Hospital is taking all precautions including insisting that all staff are vaccinated and mandatory masking – see their full announcement below.


Visitors must be masked and will continue to have access to free masks on entry to the hospital and in-person visiting is paused for inpatients confirmed positive.

Go here for NHH Visitor Guidelines.


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Hale Geezer
1 year ago

I still wish that some force somewhere would investigate why 98% of those testing positive for this virus survive and recover – and in many cases show no symptoms at all – while a small minority succumb and perish.

Why is there not extensive blood work being done in every case to measure levels of vital nutrients and determine what the results indicate re possible health outcomes?

Last edited 1 year ago by Hale Geezer
1 year ago

It’s apparent from neighbours, family and friends that Cobourg and Port Hope are not doing as well with this latest version of the 🦠

Old Sailor
1 year ago

As much anxiety as we all face in Cobourg re COVID and other impending viruses, at least we don’t have to deal with the open carry Dorks that roam the US towns and cities. Can you imagine going to Foodland and seeing AK15’s over customers’ shoulders and women hiding Glock handguns in their purses for protection?

Life north of the 49th paraellel is okidoki. Although we need to give a ton more financial support to our hospital caregivers.

Enjoy the “Sunny Days”.

Reply to  Old Sailor
1 year ago

Maybe all the card carrying members of the “Doug Ford Appreciation Society” should be asking where the 4.4 Billion the Feds gave him to fight Covid went!

All he wants to do to cure the health crisis is to blame the feds for not enough money – well he has plenty of health money just ask him where he spent it.

BTW folks enjoy your free license plates!

Reply to  Old Sailor
1 year ago

Covid and gun control laws are not really related. From the information in JD’s post there are a number of cases of people getting Covid at the hospital or coming to the hospital with Covid. It seems to me that staying away from the hospital, if you do not need to be there, would help. I recently spoke to a nurse who works at our hospital. She told me working conditions have been getting worse for over 10 years. Covid may have accelerated things but patients do not seem to have much patience. This nurse spoke of nurses being sworn at and punched. At my dentists office there was a sign reminding people not to be rude to the staff. It was sad to see the sign as it really should not be necessary. Despite the recent announcement by the Ontario government regarding surgeries and emergency room wait times, it is the behaviour of people that is part of the problem. We can all help by not going to the emergency room unless we really need to. While there treat staff the way you would like to be treated. Maybe more money will help. Where does it come from? Do you want to pay more taxes? Should we simply pay nurses more so they are willing to accept being yelled at and punched at work?

Bill Thompson
Reply to  Old Sailor
1 year ago

I assume you’re ignoring the ever increasing number of daily shootings in Toronto and elsewhere as unimportant,.not to mention one just lately here in Cobourg.

Bill Thompson
Reply to  Bill Thompson
1 year ago

Incidentally they are AR-15 , not AK ! 😂

Merle Gingrich
1 year ago

Thanks John for your updates.