Update on Developments – Part 2

Councillor Nicole Beatty’s report was long so I divided it into two parts – the first part being published on Tuesday, May 18, and this being part two.  A couple of projects are in both reports but most are additional.  These reports are abbreviated from Nicole’s full report (see link below) – mostly by removing references to paperwork but Nicole notes that some required paper work is being delayed because of a backlog at the Land Registry Office. We should also be aware that the actual sources of Nicole’s report are no doubt Director Glenn McGlashon and his staff.  Note also that planning staff have a comprehensive list of relevant documents  on the Town’s web site – see link below. Part two covers Subdivisions, Heritage and Special Projects.


Rondeau/Tribute Lands (Elgin Street East and Brook Road North)
Further to previous report: The tree removals in Stage 1 of the 3-Stage Work Plan have been completed and details are being finalized on the Site Alteration plan and Agreement, a report on which is expected to be presented to the next Committee of the Whole meeting on May 31st.

Nickerson Woods (north end of D’Arcy Street)
Construction work has begun on the 24 unit housing development by LeBlanc Enterprises.

Mason Homes Kingswood Subdivision (425 King St E at Brook Road North) 
Pre-servicing work has commenced on this 27 unit townhouse development.  Sanitary and storm sewer construction on Orchard Avenue to Coverdale is beginning this week.

East Village Phase 4 (Brook Road North)
Construction of homes in this phase is ongoing, including the two 10-plex buildings on the north side of Lonsberry Drive. (Stalwood Homes 10 plex)

East Village Phase 5 (King Street East and Maplewood Blvd.)
The pre-servicing work has been completed – More on this.

Cedar Shores Subdivision (King Street West, west of Maher St)
The pre-servicing work has been completed.  These are essentially lots for sale with suggested plans.

Kwendill Holdings Subdivision (Kerr Street, between D’Arcy and Division Streets):
The application for this 6-lot industrial subdivision has been received by Council and is under circulation and review. A Council Planning Public Meeting is scheduled for June 14th at 5 pm.  An applicant-led virtual public information meeting is being convened by the applicant’s planning consultant on May 26th at 5 pm.

New Amherst Stage 2 Subdivision
Construction on the housing development in Stage 2 between John Fairhurst Blvd and Kerr St is continuing. 

West Park Village Phase 5 (Elgin Street west of Canadian Tire)
Following draft plan approval of this 72 unit mixed residential/commercial development by Council in December of 2020, municipal staff has been in discussions with the developer regarding an upcoming submission for the clearance of draft plan conditions and final subdivision approval, expected in the near future.  This one is contentioussee this article

Joshani Homes Residential Enclave (377 William Street)
Further to previous report:  An applicant-led public information meeting was held by the applicant’s consultant on April 21st where the plans for ten new 1½ storey freehold townhouse lots and four 1½ storey freehold semi-detached lots were presented and a number of questions answered.  Comments from the applicant’s 2nd submission have been returned to the proponent for revision, following which a Council Planning Public Meeting will be scheduled in the Summer.

Densmore Meadows Subdivision (Densmore Road across from St. Mary’s High School)
This site was pre-serviced for approx. 110 townhouse and apartment units a few years ago however the development stalled and a new developer has acquired the property with the intent to complete the development, subject to making an application to the Town for some modifications to the site design, expected in the near future.

 Parkview Hills Alder Court
Construction of new dwellings by LeBlanc Enterprises at the north end of Alder Road is nearing completion. 

Clyde Street (Ewart)
 The Subdivision Agreement for the 4 residential lots has been registered on title and construction of services on the eastern section of Clyde Street is now complete and Permits are available for home construction.

Clyde Street/Forth Street (Smith)
Planning staff is working on the final paperwork for pre-servicing of the 4 residential lots at the west end of Clyde St, with construction on servicing anticipated in the Fall.


Certo Building 18 May 2021
Certo Building 18 May 2021

Certo Building Restoration
Historic Brick and Carpentry Company has completed the restoration of the south gable brick wall and columns, and replaced the roof of the Certo building to the satisfaction of the Chief Building Official and Heritage Planning staff.  Photo at right.  The Property Standards Order has now been satisfied and the file closed.   See what it was like before restoration.

2 King Street East Update
Heritage planning staff has been in discussions with the owner, his consultant and Historic Brick & Carpentry Company regarding a multi-phase restoration plan for the building at the north-east corner of King and Division Streets, which will be presented to the Cobourg Heritage Committee in the near future.

Special Projects

Affordable and Rental Housing CIP
The Implementation Plan for the CIP will be brought to Council in June.  Planning staff are closely following the County’s Capital Incentive Funding program for affordable housing which is being presented to County Council next month and is working to ensure that the Town and County’s incentive programs are aligned and complementary. (More on Affordable Housing CIP)

Municipal Land Inventory for Potential Affordable Housing Sites
A special Ad Hoc Working Group is being established with a first meeting to be scheduled in the next 2-3 weeks.

Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review
The background research and review process is complete, including the land use examination of rehabilitation treatment facilities, and a Discussion Paper, Background Analysis and Draft Zoning By-law will be released for public review and comment in the coming weeks.

Tannery District Sustainable Neighbourhood Master Plan
The final draft Master Plan & Secondary Plan are almost complete and the documents will be released for public review and comment in the near future. (Some background)

Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) and Green Development Standards (GDS):; The RFP for the budgeted Project Management consulting position for this comprehensive study was posted May 18th with a closing date of June 15th, following which the RFP for the ICSP and GDS project will be prepared and posted. 
The Town received a formal response from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) last week that the Town has been awarded $71,500 (80% of eligible costs) to conduct a Feasibility Study on Energy Retrofits for Low-Income Neighbourhoods and this will be added to the upcoming ICSP/GDS study scope of work. (More on ICSP and GDS here)


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2 years ago

So pleased to hear there are restoration plans for 2 King. It’s a beautiful building. I hope with all this development that the town is making sure sites and accompanying construction trailers and materials are annually permitted so the town does not continue to be littered with decaying structures and vehicles as it is currently on Third and on James. Some have been there for 10 years … and in the historic district. What an embarrassment.

Laidback Canuck
Reply to  Phunkeemum
2 years ago

It does seem strange that the town is so rigorous in building owners acquiring permits or providing engineering reports for just about everything yet appear to be lax in following up on owners who don’t seem to care about the appearances of their property.

Cobourg taxpayer
Reply to  Laidback Canuck
2 years ago

As is the case all over town. On my street some one has been doing “renovations “ for years there is construction equipment on the front lawn and trucks that are too heavy for residential areas and it never gets finished. Another resident has a boat/trailer on the front lawn. Another resident drives atvs around and runs the motors for hours. I am looking at new houses built on Lakeshore that haven’t mowed the lawn in a year. Meanwhile I see bylaw officers at the beach which is currently closed.

Reply to  Cobourg taxpayer
2 years ago

There are by-laws for property standards and noise. The enforcement is often complaint driven. This means that by-law officers are not out looking/listening for some violations. If somebody is in violation of a by-law you can report it. It should be looked into, and if you have a valid complaint the matter will be dealt with. At least that is what I think should happen.

Reply to  Kevin
2 years ago

It isn’t happening. Not even a little bit, as many will attest.