More Focus on Entertainment in Cobourg

The New Year brings a new web site –  The content is not new, it has been moved from the Cobourg Internet Entertainment pages.  This section of the Cobourg Internet site has been the most popular so a separate site is warranted. Also, citizen input to the Cultural Plan asked for the Town to do a better job of collecting event information and making it available to the public, but currently, the Town’s event pages focus on their own events.  They do a good job of publicizing Library events and events whose tickets are sold at the Concert Hall Box office but that’s pretty much it.  So for information on other events, Cobourg Citizens must either rely on word of mouth, visit numerous web sites, read the posters around Town, or they can simply rely on the calendar now at the new site.

Source of Calendar Information

To be fair, most of the information on is already online elsewhere.  It has mostly been gleaned from sites belonging to performing groups and other community sites, notably SnapD, radio station sites and Northumberland News.  But the hard part is being comprehensive and presenting it in a useful fashion.  Hopefully everyone agrees that this is a useful service.

For a while, a Google search will come up with an error but if you go to Cobourg Internet, the links will take you to the new site.  Or simply enter:

If you have an event that needs to be promoted, and it’s not already on the calendar, email me at [email protected]  But note that I don’t list all events – see my rules here.  Or you can just make sure you post your event on the SnapD calendar.

Note that I do list events at the Capitol’s main auditorium since many of us go there – but otherwise it’s only Cobourg events


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4 years ago

Great work,as usual, John!! You are an invaluable and always helpful, unselfish resource to the entire community of Cobourg, Port Hope and surrounding areas. We greatly value your excellent and timely reporting!

One suggestion to add to the Restaurant portion of your new Entertainment section is the consistently excellent Cucina Urbana in Cobourg on The Esplanade. In my opinion, it’s the best restaurant in town since new owners Mike & Theresa took over from the old Marca owners.

Ken Strauss
4 years ago

Thanks, John. You should be paid a part of the Cultural Master Plan budget for your work. Your website is far more useful than anything that our high priced consultant has produced!

Reply to  Ken Strauss
4 years ago

Agree with Ken that John should be compensated for his ongoing efforts, like this excellent new resource. You’re unstoppable John😊 Thank you!!!

Reply to  Ken Strauss
4 years ago

Many times the “Old Pros” get the job done versus the young MBA types that don’t have much experience…only a text book. Well said Ken!