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A Google search will find answers to questions that you know to ask but doesn’t work well if you don’t know what to ask.  Would you think to ask “when did a plane land in Cobourg?” Or “what activities are there in Cobourg?” And some questions don’t get complete answers – like “what shows are on this weekend?”  What you need are web sites that you go to that provide those answers – but how do you find those web sites? Well, read on. You already know how to get Cobourg News – it’s right here plus I have provided links to other news sites in Cobourg (see menu at the top of the page).  But it’s not always obvious where to find the other stuff you want to know but don’t know what question to ask.

If you live in Cobourg, you’ll want to know about what makes Cobourg tick (Answer: read a bit about its History) and you’ll want to know things to do (apart from work!).  There are other things you might want to know (e.g. find Medical help) and the recently completely overhauled Cobourg Internet site might help with that. Or just Google your question (or ask Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri).


  • My favourite story in Cobourg’s History is about the plane that landed in Cobourg in 1951 (go here for details) If you haven’t already read the story, it’s highly recommended.  History is one of those subjects that sounds boring but it’s really just old news – when things happened they were the news of the day and some of it is just as interesting as today’s news.
  • There is a flickr site that has a whole lot of old Cobourg Photos (1001) – go here
  • Did you know that there are several museums in Cobourg?  Go here
  • The Cobourg Historical Society has put Richard Randall’s collection of old Postcards on-line here

Things to do

  • If you want to be entertained, you need a list of entertainment events and you can get that at the new site: Cobourg Calendar
  • Not included on that calendar are the movies at the Loft and Rainbow Cinemas – follow links for their programs.
  • But if you want to do stuff – you need to join a club, participate in Sports or join a Church.  There’s a comprehensive list of these here.  (87 listed).
  • If you want kids and family activities (and more), the Cobourg Library has a full program 

Computer and Internet Information

Since there are fewer printed newspapers, we now rely on the Internet to take their place but that requires that we know how to use it and find stuff there.  Maybe AI (via Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri) will soon do the job and anticipate even what we want to ask.

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4 years ago

Wouldn’t this make a fabulous play!

4 years ago

Very informative, John, many thanks. Should you be looking for a new techie to come to your house, be sure to ask about all the fees involved. In my case I knew what the hourly rate would be, was not expecting an additional call- out charge. You can usually, if you wish, allow your techie on-line remote access and the hourly rate should be less.
Whilst I have your attention, let me beef about Bell. We are on Fibe. We were having problems with our tv pvr (finally had to get a replacement) and after the India-based Bell person had sorted the problem, he then went into a hard sell on paying for higher speed (I thought speed was Fibe’s main selling point) and larger download capability. I suspect he thought as seniors we would be pushovers. Both declined, and when we got the inevitable ‘how did our techie do’ email I noted as a comment that we strongly resented the hard sell. The two following dealings with Bell before we got the new pvr were hassle free. I suspect our comment was noted.

4 years ago

I remember when that plane landed just west of town. I was very young at the time.

4 years ago

John thanks very much for your attention to this detail. I will be creating my own library of the very sites you’ve provided for quick reference.

Frustrated senior non-techie!
4 years ago

Once again – Very useful info John especially the Computer help leads! But what are “peripherals”? Hopefully software assistance. Many thanks.

John Draper
Reply to  Frustrated senior non-techie!
4 years ago

Peripherals are things connected to a computer like printers, mice, keyboards, monitors, routers etc. You can probably get software assistance from anyone who repairs computers.

4 years ago

Thanks for this John. Another interesting bit of information I heard a while back and will try to verify now that you have reminded me of the event. For the building of the present day Canadian Tire, the farmhouse on the property where the plane landed years before was dismantled and put into storage. It was later reassembled and lovingly restored at a new location in Hamilton Township.

John Draper
Reply to  MiriamM
4 years ago

The people who did that had the scrapbook of Larry Wilson’s mother and that’s where I got the photos and the story.