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Over the past few weeks, Cobourg Police seem to be arresting more bad guys – or maybe they are just reporting more despite having recently lost their communications person.  There’s talk that since Peterborough ejected the “tent city” people, some have come to Cobourg but if that’s true, it doesn’t explain most of those arrested.  Police are transparent about what they do and issue Press Releases regularly so I’ve summarized 19 of their emails to get an overall picture.  One of these is a “weekly summary” from a week ago which lists calls received and more details of a few of them. As of August 23, the Cobourg Police Service had 35 sworn officers, 20 Special Constables and 14 Volunteer Auxiliary Constables.

Weekly summary

Each week, Police issue a summary of their activity and for the week of October 14 through October 20, they responded to “209 calls including: 6 Motor Vehicle Collisions, 11 Alarm calls, 10 Theft/Shoplifting calls, 18 Suspicious Persons/Vehicles calls, 8 Domestic/Family Disputes, 4 Mischief calls, 1 Assault calls, 6 Mental Health calls, 2 Missing Person calls, 7 Traffic Complaints, 9 Property related, 1 Warrants Executed and 1 Impaired driving call.” They then give some examples – the major arrests are included in the summary below.

Activity in last month (Sept 25 to October 28)

In general, these are the more significant activities – as can be seen from the weekly summary, they get involved in a lot more than what’s on this list.

Date Person & Age Action Charges & (Counts) Result
Sept 26 Michael Kitchen, 30, no fixed address Observed Theft of Bicycle, Possession of drugs and break-in tools Held for Bail hearing
Sept 27 Patrick Quinlin, 42, male, of Cobourg Located Possession of Drugs (2)
Breach of Probation (4)
Also arrested Nov 2018
Held for show cause
Sept 30 Dylan Campbell, 22, from Cobourg Called, ID from CCTV Break & Enter Marina Compound, Mischief Released with a court date
Sept 30 Anne-Sophie Houeto, 21, of Toronto Responded to 2 calls Theft from local businesses (2), obstruct (false ID) (2) Held for Bail hearing
Oct 4 Justin Young, 30, of Cobourg Observed Failed to attend court.
Charged DUI Aug 2019
Released with a court date
Oct 5 Travis Langevin, 39, of Cobourg Observed Trespass at night;
Failed to attend court
Arrested Theft July 24, 2019
Held for Bail hearing
Oct 5 Alisha Kincaid, 33, of Cobourg Observed downtown Breach of recognizance (2); concealed weapon, possess drugs. Also arrested in May 2019. Held for Bail hearing
Oct 6 Contact Police if you have info Called Arson at local impound yard; stolen vehicle Call for public help
Oct 6 Jordan Goody, 22, from Cobourg Called Failed to remain at accident; stole vehicle; Released with a court date
Oct 11 Llewellyn Dowle, 29, female, from Cobourg On patrol Concealed unauthorized weapon (switch blade knife), wanted on warrant. Arrested June 16, 2019 Released with a court date
Oct 12 Dorothy Jean Ferguson, 40, from Cobourg On patrol Failed comply probation;
Failed comply undertaking;
Breach conditional sentence; theft; assault. Also arrested 7 Dec 2018
Held for Bail hearing
Oct 12 Michael Kitchen, 30, from Cobourg On patrol Fail to Attend Court; Fail to comply Recognizance; possession drugs. Arrested Aug 12, 2019 Held for Bail hearing
Oct 12 Ryan Conroy, 37, from Cobourg On patrol Fail to Attend Court; possession drugs. Arrested 11 July 2019. Released with a court date
Oct 23 Scott Jorgensen, 33, from Caesarea, ON Call – crime in progress Theft, breach of undertaking, breach probation (2) Held for Bail hearing
Oct 26 Kaitlyn Grumeth, 29, female, from Brighton Traffic Stop Wrong plates, no plate sticker, no vehicle permit, no insurance, open liquor, possession drugs Impound vehicle, Released with a court date
Oct 28 Mhairi Carr, 44, female & Shawn Chiplick, 41, male both from Cobourg Turned themselves in after investigation Theft and possession Released with a court date
Oct 28 Alisha Kincaid, 33, female & William Hadley, both from Cobourg Call to Motel Kincaid: possess drugs, failed comply recognizance;
Hadley: possess drugs, failed comply probation (3). See above Oct 5.
Held for Bail hearing
Oct 28 Taylar Wolters, 27, female, from Cobourg (no fixed address) Aug 12 Call re theft but given false name; Oct 28 located Theft; possession; Obstruct Police; fail to comply with probation. Held for Bail hearing

All the “on Patrol” cases were in the Downtown area or nearby.  I note that many of those arrested were then either released immediately or probably released after a bail hearing.  Yet many of those arrested were guilty of failing to attend court or failing to comply with conditions of probation.

As you can see from the “weekly summary” above, in addition to arresting bad guys, Cobourg’s Police also have traffic duties, attending domestic disputes and more.  You can download the weekly report referenced from the links below.


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Jason Beatty
4 years ago


Choose Cobourg Court. Plenty of familiar names. Hopefully at some point they get the help they need. Tough to see people struggle.

4 years ago

And the Radar, Traffic Control Stats are ???

Reply to  Lyle
4 years ago

Lyle, I am sure that we do not have ‘up to date’ equipment, for this job and probably not the ‘expertise’ to operate it either! Again, I say this with all due respect. We mustn’t forget this is Cobourg……not Toronto.

Reply to  Ken
4 years ago

Really, I would put any fully trained Cobourg Police Officer on a equal par and maybe just a little above with other Police Officer ( Federal, Provincial or Municipal ) , but looking at yr comment again u were probably just commenting tongue in cheek .

4 years ago

I don’t understand how “tent city” people could get here from Peterborough. They would obviously not drive here and it’s a long way on a bike so I don’t think they are the ones causing the problems. We have our own home grown criminals to worry about unfortunately .

Merry Mary
Reply to  Smalltownlover
4 years ago

Talk with these people:
They hitch hike.
They are driven to other locations by Good Samaritans or by those who want them to be relocated.

New Cobourg
4 years ago

I noticed on the report that there were 2 repeat offenders. Why would they “probably be released after a bail hearing”. How many crimes do they get to commit before sensibility takes over and they are held without bail?
Further to thos report, does anyone know what our crime rate is in comparison to other towns of similiar size? Thanks!

Merry Mary
4 years ago

It is tragic that shelter beds go unused due to people’s lack of trust with the set-up as described in the above link, which lead people to travel elsewhere and sleep on benches outdoors and in the bus/rink terminal…