Student Entrepreneur Summer program – 2019

Entrepreneurship in Northumberland is alive and well – seven students were at Staples this morning where they explained what their start-up businesses were about.  Funded by the Province to the tune of $3000 for each student and organized by the County’s Business and Entrepreneurship centre, Manager Rob Day said that 142 summer businesses have been started since 2001.  The idea is that some individuals like the idea of being an entrepreneur and may well be good at it, but lack experience or financing.  The program provides first hand knowledge on what’s needed to succeed – or at least point them in the right direction.  As well as cash, the program helps them with their business plan and assesses the viability of what they propose.

Young entrepreneurs at Staples
Young entrepreneurs at Staples

The display ran from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and at around noon, there was quite a crowd. MP Kim Rudd was there talking to the students – she said she is at heart an entrepreneur so is quite interested in the program. I spoke briefly with Bob Sanderson (Port Hope Mayor and currently acting County Warden) but when I was at Staples, there were no other local politicians.  Both Manager Rob Day and Director of Economic Development and Tourism Dan Borowec explained the benefits of the program: although students may not continue with the particular business they chose for their summer business, the experience they gain helps them with any future business they are involved in.  Some do continue with their summer start-up but others do something completely different. An average of 40 individuals are interested in the program each year.

But their summer startups are very varied.

Here is a list of most of the 2019 program participants and their businesses:

Rohan O’Neill

Baywater Forge, based out of Campbellford offers high quality hand forged tools.  Specialized and custom made for the hunter, fisher, gardeners and campers in mind.  Baywater Forge produces; tomahawks, knives, garden trowels, fireplace shovels and hooks.

Ella Scozzari

neptune2Earth:  Offering tarot and astrology readings and reports to clients, based out of Campbellford, providing online and video based services. Offering spiritual method of gaining insight to topics as past, present, future, relationships, and one’s inner self.

Meaghan Herrington

Based outside of Brighton area, Early Morning Relief Milking & Farm Services offers various farming tasks to assist the busy farmer such as; cow clipping (including full body, head, udders & tail), barn cleaning, relief milking, and other chores to assist in daily farm tasks.

Alexis Needs

Located out of Cobourg, Breathe Safety will provide local small businesses an opportunity to implement health and safety into work environments. Those who may not have HR services, Breathe Safety provides descriptive safety manuals, specific direction for small businesses who may not have a health and safety plan implemented to their full benefit, complying with the Health & Safety Act.

Raid Hajhasan

Rapid Raid Car Detailing: Located out of Carstead Motor Trends in Cobourg on Division Street, Rapid Raid provides both superior interior and exterior auto detailing services.  Providing quicker and cost efficient services, Rapid Raid offers various service package pricing to fit any budget.

Gryphon Nixon-Briard

WeeBoba Bubble Tea:   WeeBoba will offer bubble tea out of Port Hope, and will offer pop-up shop experiences at local festivals and events throughout Northumberland.  The product is flavoured tea containing tapioca pearls, making a unique experience.


Update – 7 Jan 2022

Some information removed at request of individual mentioned.

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4 years ago

at least we are not giving away free rent by the looks of things this year.
I would have liked to see an update on the past summer business programs, to see how things went with those winners.
this would of been a good program to run out of Venture13 and to be held there, vs inside staples.