Mall Strip Plaza re-zoning approved

There were no objections at the Public meeting on Monday to the proposed minor rezoning required for a proposed new Strip Plaza on Mall property.  The developer is Trinity Development group with design by MHBC – both were represented at the meeting.  The new building would be at the corner adjacent to the Strathy road lights with its rear boundary on Elgin Street.  There will be provision for a banking institution, a drive through restaurant and four other retail stores.  The Developer is describing the space for a bank in neutral terms but the zoning at the mall allows only one “financial Institution” and since the Bank of Nova Scotia is currently in the Mall, while that is there, no other bank can occupy the new space.

Aly Premji, Eldon Theodore
Aly Premji, Eldon Theodore

So the three options are  1) the Scotia Bank moves to the new space or 2) the Scotia Bank shuts down its Mall location and another bank opens in the new space or 3) the new space remains empty.  The Bank has told the developer that they are not moving – that’s their public official position.  Decide for yourself what’s likely.

At right are Ali Premji (at left) from Trinity Development and Eldon Theodore (at right) from MHBC.  They presented their case to Council and that was followed by the analysis by Desta McAdam from the Town’s Planning Department (see link below).

When asked, Planning Director Glen McGlashon said there were no other plans for the Mall currently under consideration by his Department and the developers gave no dates but said that plans would be “coming soon”.  Separately, I heard that Metro wants to either expand or move out.  If they expand, they would want the space currently occupied by the bank.  Since the Mall changed hands, there has been considerable speculation on its future with most bets on it including Condos with some retail space remaining.

At the following Committee of the whole, Council voted to approve the re-zoning and the required by-law is expected to be presented for approval at the regular Council meeting on December 2.

Below is a plan “drawing” “traced” from that provided by Planning at the meeting.  See the Planning report for views of what the development will look like (near the end of the document).

Mall Strip Plaza
Mall Strip Plaza


Addendum 5 December 2019

At the regular Council meeting on 2 December 2019, the Bylaw to implement the rezoning was approved.

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4 years ago

Our kids will thank us for a strip mall and drive through

Miriam Mutton
4 years ago

I scanned the planning reports looking for a drawing that shows the view of the proposed new building as it would be seen from Elgin Street. The location poses an interesting challenge because of the drop in grade i.e. downhill from Elgin to the main mall buildings. For example, take a look at the A&W … what do you see as you drive by? What is most obvious is the roof and mechanical equipment located there. An urban design challenge indeed! The poster (Durka) here who suggested a second (and perhaps third storey) above the commercial units introduces a very good idea for building that could suit the site from both the street and mall sides.

4 years ago

I was at the presentation and if it looks like a Bank smells like a bank it must beeee
and its certainly was designed after Scotia banks exterior profile from other Malls
It is certainly big enough to Hold both branches of King st and the branch presently at the mall
do I fore see an amalgamation in the future ??? YES
Yes I to have heard many times before that Metro may be Rebranding and enlarging
But I fail to see why anything but the Drive through can not be accommodated with visibility & access from the sidewalk / parking lot or street in a mostly empty mall ???

4 years ago

Does our planning department ever object to anything? All I ever see is endless pages praising would-be developments. These buildings do not even front Elgin St. I thought we were trying to get away from that? Speak of intensification, how about we put apartments above these strip malls? That’s proper planning. Also I see another drive-thru, some places are banning those. Not here in Cobourg where our planning department looks fully onboard with turning Cobourg into another GTA sprawlburg full of ugly wide roads, car dependency, strip malls and big box stores. Been to Whitby or Oshawa lately? It’s a soul sucking experience. Is that what we want Cobourg to become? We’re on the exact same trajectory.

4 years ago

There’s a demand for more retail space and drive-thru fast food emporiums in the northwest end of town? Really?
I’d like to see the numbers that lead to that conclusion.

Merry Mary
Reply to  JimT
4 years ago

Exactly true, JimT! People are driving west or east to Belleville to shop in the vibrant indoor Malls six months of the year, just like the “Glory Days” of the Northumberland Mall, until it was allowed to decline.

John Green
4 years ago

There is a climate emergency!!
What in the name of Gaia are you people doing building a strip plaza?!
How will you people like your little co2 capitalist commercial outlets when the mass extinction starts?

Just joking, lol, the climate emergency is a big socialist fraud. Go ahead and build a nice plaza. I enjoy shopping. You have my ok.

Ken Strauss
Reply to  John Green
4 years ago

How could our Council declare a “climate emergency” requiring immediate action, ban water bottles, approve a new building with drive-thru plus parking for 21 cars and ignore crime in a single session?

John Green
Reply to  Ken Strauss
4 years ago

Ummm….because, deep down, they know it is nonsense but it is what they are supposed to do and think?
Lol @ the water bottle ban.
Its funny how the same – ignore crime scenario is playing out across the continent, particularly in leftist held cities.
Maybe they create, or invent, a problem then offer their solution?
Its the climate change strategy. Invent it, then indoctrinate people in it, then offer the people “solutions”…. aka “sustainabilty”

4 years ago

How will garbage storage/pickup and deliveries be handled? I see no access lanes for these services. What will street side vista facing Elgin look like — refuse bins and delivery bays facing a main thoroughfare? Not a good ‘look’ . …Other stores/restaurants have at least ‘neutral’ facades –.