John Logel Taking Leave of Absence

John is Mayor of Alnwick/Haldimand Township and also Warden of Northumberland County and is now taking a leave of absence “in order to address a personal matter”.  As John says in a statement: “the roles of Mayor and Warden require – and deserve nothing less than – an individual’s full attention and energy to see these through.” So he says that “to make a necessary shift in focus to a personal matter, I will be taking a tem­porary step back so that the business of both councils can continue at full pace.”  His role as Warden will be taken over by Port Hope Mayor Bob Sanderson since he is the longest serving member on County Council – there is no deputy Warden!

John Logel - Warden Northumberland County
John Logel – Warden Northumberland County

In the County’s Press release, Bob comments: “John has been tireless in his approach to his duties as Warden, tackling all initiatives – large and small – with his trademarked authenticity. We look forward to his return to the role, and in the interim Council and staff will ensure continued forward mo­mentum in operations.”

County Council councillors are the Mayors of their respective towns and with John stepping down, Alnwick/Haldimand needs someone to take on both the Mayor’s role and a representative on County Council.  Deputy Mayor, Gail Latchford, will take on these dual roles.

There is no word what John’s personal matter is nor how long this arrangement will last.

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