Good News at  Launch of Hospice Fundraising

There were 200 people at the official launch of the public fundraising for the new Northumberland Hospice.  The project was announced a year ago (see links for details) and in December launched “quiet” fundraising – that meant going around asking potential donors and offering naming rights for $25K to $1.5M.  At the official campaign launch at the Baltimore Community Centre on June 5th, the amounts raised to date were announced.  Also announced was the fact that the Hospice will now be built from the outset with 10 beds and not the 6 originally announced.  This will require a new goal of $9.3M instead of the $7M originally set.  But to date, a good amount of that has already been raised or committed.

Ed and Diane Lorenz at unveiling
Ed and Diane Lorenz at unveiling

Speakers at the event included Campaign co-chairs Gord and Patti Ley, Warden and Hamilton Township Mayor Mark Lovshin, building committee chair Stewart Richardson, Community Care Executive Director Trish Baird, NHH Board chair Beth Selby and Doug McCann who spoke about how Hospice helps a loved one in need.

Revised plans

The new building will now be on two levels instead of one.  Entry and patient rooms will be on the main level with the lower level (still above ground – like a back split) housing support and meeting rooms.  The smaller footprint will allow for more outdoor garden space.  The build will now include 10 patient rooms although only 6 will initially operate.  Tender award is expected in Aug/Sept with construction to start in October 2018.  It should be ready to operate in the summer of 2019. The Province has committed to fund $630,000 annual operating costs for 6 beds.

In case you haven’t read the other announcements, the Hospice will provide palliative care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no cost to clients.  It will be located on Ontario Street north of the 401 in Hamilton Township.

New Major Donor

Diane and Ed Lorenz, who own Lorenz Conveying, recently lost a loved one and will be donating $1.5M. For that, they are given naming rights for the new centre – it will be called Ed’s House.  Above right is a photo of the unveiling at the announcement. Left to right: Gord and Diane Lorenz, Patti and Gord Ley.

Money Raised or Committed to Date

Donor Amount
Alderville First Nation, Municipalities of Alnwick-Haldimand,
Town of Cobourg and Township of Hamilton
Brian & Kym Read – Read Elliott Foundation Hospice Care Wing $1,000,000
Capital funding from the province $1,200,000
Ed and Diane Lorenz – Ed’s Centre $1,500,000
Campaign Directors $1,600,000
Other individual donors $2,335,000



It seems like a large part of the goal has been raised but there’s still $1,200,000 to go.  So although it’s very encouraging that so much has already been raised, everyone’s contribution is still needed.

Two upcoming events to raise funds were announced: the Tim Horton Smile Cookie campaign that will run in September will contribute to this campaign as will the new family event “Touch a Truck” on October 13 at the Port Hope Fairgrounds and the Port Hope Recreation Centre from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

If you want to know more about Hospice, an information Town Hall meeting is being held on Thursday June 14 from 4 pm to 7 pm at the HTM Building at 1185 Elgin Street.


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Rusty Brown
5 years ago

Why are the contributions from “…Alderville First Nation, Municipalities of Alnwick-Haldimand, Town of Cobourg and Township of Hamilton…” all lumped together in one amount instead of showing how much each contributed?

Mrs. Anonymous
5 years ago

This is terrific news. Many thanks to the generous donors and the team working to make this much needed facility come to fruition.