Canada 150 Video

Last year saw the celebration of Canada’s 150th  birthday and Cobourg marked the occasion with a large number of special events.  To record these, members of the Northumberland Photography Club (NPC) were asked to be there and take photos. They did that and turned the photos into a video which was presented at the Mayor’s Levee on January 1st, 2018.

Northumberland Photography Club - Canada 150 in Cobourg
Northumberland Photography Club – Canada 150 in Cobourg

Although there was a promise to put this on the Town’s web site, it has so far not appeared so it is now available here.  The background music is provided by Cobourg’s New Ventures Band playing the Victoria Park Overture and the project was organized by a special NPC committee: Bryan Marjoram, Jeannie Gane, Sandra Peters, Elisabeth La Fontaine, Dan Milligan, Stan Kicak and Elaine Amenta.

See the video below – it’s about 15 minutes.

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6 years ago

Each time I watch this video I am reminded of how busy NPC members were last year, getting out to capture the many events ! It certainly was a busy year but so much fun! I met many really nice folk who were happy to have their photo taken. Very proud of being involved with this video and with the 150 committee.

6 years ago

Well done!! The Feel Good Town certainly isn’t a sleepy town, lots goes on!!

6 years ago

Thanks John. Didn’t we have fun! And just think of all the people who made those events happen. Amazing!

6 years ago

Well done Northumberland Photography Club ….. Take a bow !

6 years ago

Fabulous collection of photos – very artistic shots. Congrats to all the photographers and those who put together the montage. What a great community we live in; -so sorry to have missed many of these events.

Reply to  Jennifer
6 years ago