Six More Rental Units for Cobourg

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on October 2nd, Council approved a site plan application for the property at 16 Park Street. An existing four unit building in poor shape will be demolished and a new six unit building constructed in its place. There is no rezoning required and the existing building is not a heritage building although the main front door is considered “heritage”. Unfortunately it is in bad shape so cannot be preserved although the developer promises a new door that will have a heritage look.

16 Park Street
16 Park Street

The existing units are 2,636 sq. ft. total (average 660 sq. ft.) and the new building will be 4,844 sq. ft. for an average 807 sq. ft. – so the units will likely be one bedroom. No floor plans were included in the application. According to Town staff, no public meeting is required for site plan applications so none will be scheduled.

The new building will include one accessible unit on the ground floor with a ramp to the entrance.

There will be six parking spots on the west side but none designated “accessible” since the required extra space would mean only five parking spots.

The building backs onto the parking lot behind KFC so visitors could probably park there although that is not a certainty.

The new building will be at the East edge of the property with the existing trees alongside Midtown creek on the West side preserved.

Above-right is a photo of the existing building taken from Google Street view.

There are currently no tenants in the building so this will be a net addition to Cobourg’s rental stock.  The units will be rented at market value (not subsidized) but there was no word if they will be luxury units or not. It’s in an ideal location being close to shopping and both transit routes so should be rented quickly.