Further Calls to Slow Traffic on the Esplanade

In August, a letter from Condo Corp #50 at 165 Division Street was presented to Council asking for action on a traffic problem on the Esplanade near the corner of Division as well as problems just north of there on Division.  The Council referred the letter and the problem to staff for a report and it remains on the Agenda of each meeting as unfinished business.  At the next council meeting, another letter on the subject will be presented to Council – this time from the condos at the other end of the Esplanade.   Linda Cardie, President of the board of Condo #58 says she agrees with Jon Tondeur from Condo #50 and supports their recommendations but also wants pedestrian crossings on the Esplanade and Albert Streets as well as speed bumps on the Esplanade – at least in the summer.

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Linda spells out her recommendations:

  1. Because Esplanade now carries an increasing volume of traffic in the summer months, often travelling at higher speeds than seems to be safe, we are requesting the installation of speed bumps along the road. They could perhaps be the removable type, as they are not as urgently required during the winter months.
  2. There is high pedestrian traffic through Rotary Park, to and from downtown to the marina and waterfront, but there are currently no marked pedestrian crossings on Albert Street and the Esplanade. We understand that fully regulated cross walks require signage and overhead street lighting, which may be cost-prohibitive at this time. However, properly marked crosswalks with whatever signage is permissible would go a long way to improving safely for pedestrians.

We are also in support of recommendations made to you in the submission from Northumberland Common Element Condominium No. 50, dated August 16, 2017, regarding:

  1. Elimination of the two parking spots on the west side of Division Street at #165, to facilitate better vision for traffic at the junction of Division Street and the Esplanade. Their recommendation is that they be banned for the period of May through December.
  2. Elimination of the two parking spots on Division Street, in front of Beach Walk to again increase traffic safety in this busy area (May to September inclusive).
  3. Rejection of plans for a traffic circle to be installed at the Division/Esplanade because of space limitations, and also the need for larger vehicular traffic get through this intersection.

The photos from the earlier post are repeated below.


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6 years ago

The Town of Cobourg struggles with traffic flow and planning. Look no further than the mess that was Park/Division/Munroe, the poorly conceived CCI and CR Gummow school district and the growing issues being seen on Division Street (north) with the multitude of Tim Hortons, gas bars, that joke of a 401 exit ramp, the future expanded grocery store and poorly thought out traffic flow which creates both motor vehicle and pedestrian hazards. Who is minding the details, because they should lose their job.

6 years ago

It’s already a Disaster trying to get along Albert St, with the 3 uncoordinated lights, and Now they want to add a crosswalk too?

How lazy can they be? Cross at the darn lights!

Mr Ahewsonator
6 years ago

It’s odd that they are against a traffic circle because that seems like a logical solution. It keeps traffic flowing and minimizes any possible impact.

Ultimately its just a busy spot in a small area, no matter what the town does it’s going to be that way.

In a fantasy land of sort the town builds a parking garage and gets rid of the Esplanade and or the parking lots. Why do we have parking lots fronting this prime piece of land anyways?