Santa Parade – 2017

The forecast said rain or snow as well as cold and windy. They got it half right – the temperature was about 2 degrees and it was quite windy but there was no rain or snow. It didn’t stop the families coming out – there were lots of them lining the street. It seemed to me that the Parade was shorter this year although there were a good number of floats and bands. It is staged each year by the Lions club and it was almost cancelled but fortunately the Town is nominally managing the event so sponsors can get a tax receipt. The DBIA also helped so hopefully they got more business on King street today. The video below runs for 13 minutes but the parade was more like 30 minutes. You can watch it full screen too.

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Richard Looye
6 years ago

Great work to record the event. I am sharing the video with my grandsons in California!

6 years ago

I agree that the Parade seemed shorter. Maybe because (in my view) the quality was up; possibly giving the impression of going by faster. Anyway congrats to all for bringing this event together.