Cobourg and Union Agree on New Contract

The Town of Cobourg and their union for inside and outside workers (C.U.P.E Local 25) have reached agreement for the three year period starting August 1, 2017.  The union ratified the agreement on November 6th and the Town is expected to pass a motion of agreement at the Council meeting on November 20th.  The Town’s target increase for total compensation costs was 1.5% per annum but the new agreement will cost an average of 1.71% per annum.  Health and dental benefits were extended in the previous agreement but there were no changes to these in the new one.  However, salaries will go up 1.9% in each year.  The minimum wage increase causes 0.35% of the annual increase.

The negotiating team for the Town was Deputy Mayor John Henderson, Human Resources Officer Melissa Henke and CAO Stephen Peacock.

There were some other minor wins for the union:


  • 6 week vacation entitlement provided at 24 years of service rather than 26 [Current contract also provides 3 weeks vacation after 3 years, 4 weeks after 8 years, 5 weeks after 15 years].
  • Increase to $225 from $200 for footwear for outside workers only.
  • Two days off with pay to care for employee’s immediate family.
  • Civic Holiday (James Cockburn Day) now eligible for public holiday pay and overtime for casuals and students.
  • Additional 5 days of unpaid leave of absence may be granted for CUPE executive members.

Note that “inside and outside workers” includes all employees apart from management, Fire, Police, Crossing Guards, Public Library and LUSI.  Management is not included in the union agreement and the others have their own agreements.


Update – Nov 20

This has also been passed (fully approved) by Council.


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6 years ago

I bet everyone in “Business” wishes they could get a holiday schedule like our government workers have negotiated with our easy going politicians.

Reply to  cornbread
6 years ago

Everyone should