News Sources in Cobourg

With the closing of Northumberland Today and with Northumberland News only published once a week, Cobourg residents are looking for alternative sources of daily local news.  About 160 people came to a public meeting on 20 March 2018 and a group was subsequently formed to try to do something about it.  The result has been Northumberland Hub – a web site that provides links to the latest local news reports.  The intent is to help people find online news sources. Although local news is now covered quite well, it’s more scattered and you have to work at getting all the same information. The situation with traditional newspapers seems to get worse each year with many of them moving online and… Read complete articleNews Sources in Cobourg

CTA complaint supported by Ombudsman

On May 4 2018, four members of the Cobourg Taxpayers Association (CTA) attempted to attend a Parks and Recreation Advisory Steering Committee meeting but were refused by Director Dean Hustwick.  He was supported by the Municipal Clerk and Mayor Gil Brocanier who insisted the meeting was not open to the public. Then at a council meeting on 4 June 2018, Dennis Nabieszko of the Cobourg Taxpayers Association – backed by Debra McCarthy – asked why steering committee meetings for the waterfront study were not public. Dean Hustwick said that the steering committee was not an advisory group and not public. In fact, the “steering committee” role was assigned to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee whose meetings are generally open to… Read complete articleCTA complaint supported by Ombudsman

Survey on Cannabis Retail Outlets in Cobourg

The Town of Cobourg is looking for input from residents on whether to allow Marijuana retail stores within Cobourg Town limits. The deadline for a decision is 22 January 2019 but before then there will be an information session in Victoria Hall on December 17, an online survey and two Council meetings. The deadline has been set by the Provincial Government for a one-time opportunity to opt-out of hosting retail cannabis outlets although it will be possible to opt-back in at a later date. The online survey is now open (see link below) and it will be open until 2 January 2019. If you don’t like online surveys, you can also email up to the same date or attend one of… Read complete articleSurvey on Cannabis Retail Outlets in Cobourg

Party Atmosphere for Lights-on

Downtown Cobourg was alive and in a Festive mood on Friday night.  Hundreds turned out to see the 23rd annual ceremony to turn on the lights.  The Legion Pipes and Drums entertained as did the girls from Jennifer’s Jazzitup Studio with their dance routine in front of Victoria Hall.  The empty store opposite Victoria Hall was filled with Christmas Market vendors as well as entries in the Gingerbread house competition (see photos and link below).  The temperature was just above freezing but cold enough to make the Market popular as a keep warm location.   As well as vendors and the Gingerbread Festival, a group of carollers entertained and Christmas characters strolled around both in the Market and outside.  Also spotted… Read complete articleParty Atmosphere for Lights-on

NHH 2017 Homicide Details Now Released

On 27 October 2017, there was a double homicide at the Northumberland Hills Hospital and until now, few details have been released.  This was because Police were involved with a shooting.  As a result the Special Investigator’s Unit (SIU) was called in but they have now completed their investigation and cleared the two policemen involved.  They have also released a graphic detailed account of the event although the police jargon used makes it hard to follow.  If one adds information unearthed by newspaper reporters at the time, and translates the jargon, the story is almost material for a TV show.  Since this incident, Police and Hospital staff have worked together to establish procedures to be used if there is a… Read complete articleNHH 2017 Homicide Details Now Released

Entertainment in Cobourg

We are fortunate to have a good entertainment scene in Cobourg – but I wonder how many people realize just how extensive and diverse it is.  In the next several months, the Town will be immersed in developing a Cultural plan to point the way to the future in both entertainment and heritage but a starting point is knowing what we already have. There are not only multiple venues (Victoria Hall, The Loft, Trinity Church, Best Western, Cobourg Community Centre, Rainbow Cinemas) but also multiple organizations (see list and details below).  A big part of getting the word out has now gone with the demise of the daily paper so we must rely on posters, web sites and word of… Read complete articleEntertainment in Cobourg

Santa Parade – 2018

Despite the two degree temperature, a good crowd turned out to watch this year’s Santa parade on Sunday. There was no sunshine but also no rain or snow and little or no wind which meant it was not bad considering the weather in the previous week or two. Depending on who you spoke to and probably depending on their memories, the parade was better or not so good. I counted six bands which is good although I thought there were fewer large floats. However, the major attraction – Santa – was on a lower sleigh. It was probably easier to see him but it somehow was not as impressive as the one where he looked down from on high. But… Read complete articleSanta Parade – 2018

Homelessness in Northumberland County

At the recent Municipal Election, homelessness was a major issue with candidates being asked questions as to what they would do.  The prime responsibility for tackling the homelessness problem rests with the County and at the next County Council meeting on 21 November, a report will be presented on a survey taken during the week of April 16th – 20th, 2018 to measure the extent of homelessness in the County.  Although the survey probably did not include 100% of those experiencing homelessness, it is believed to be a good snapshot. During the “registry week”, volunteers were able to connect with 51 individuals and 10 families who were experiencing homelessness. That is, “people who are completely unsheltered, living in emergency shelter,… Read complete articleHomelessness in Northumberland County

Marie Dressler’s Birthday party

The last event in the series celebrating the 150th birthday of Marie Dressler was held on her actual birthday, last Friday November 9.  The venue was the Art Gallery of Northumberland and as well as the requisite speeches, it featured the La Jeunesse choir singing for the approx. 73 who came to the party. They performed “Singing in the Rain” in honour of Marie who sang this song in the 1929 Hollywood Revue as well as the requisite “Happy Birthday” and another song. Actress Carlotta Rutledge portrayed Marie and when the kids made birthday cards for Marie she presented them with presents. In attendance were MPP David Piccini, Mayor Gil Brocanier and several Councillors. The party was kicked off by… Read complete articleMarie Dressler’s Birthday party