Cobourg Election Shakeup

Lucas Cleveland campaigned with a promise to lead instead of manage and to do things differently. Although he has no Council experience, he’s now our new Mayor, narrowly defeating incumbent John Henderson.  And that’s not the only change:  Nicole Beatty beat incumbent Suzanne Séguin for the Deputy Mayor’s position.  In Council, there are two new councillors: Miriam Mutton and Randy Barber – although both have had some previous experience as Councillors (Miriam in Cobourg in both 2006 and 2010 and Randy Barber in Markham). Full vote numbers are below.  I was surprised with three results:  Nicole Beaty beating Suzanne Séguin and both Michael Sprayson and Mark Mills losing. The only certain thing that can be read from the results is… Read complete articleCobourg Election Shakeup