Town Issues RFP for Campground Upgrade Design

In 2018, Council approved a Waterfront Study that included recommended upgrades to the Trailer Park – now called the Campground.  The approved 2022 budget includes $50K for this study; the estimated cost of doing the work in 2023 is $750K. The justification given in the RFP is that:  “This design plan is necessary to update failing aged infrastructure and transform the campground back into (an) asset that can provide the requirements of current guests while continuing to remain a viable tourism destination and economic engine to the municipality.”  The RFP says that: “The campground currently consists of 43 trailer sites with Hydro, Water and Sewer, 28 trailer sites with Hydro and Water and 5 unserved tent sites.”  The  Request for… Read complete articleTown Issues RFP for Campground Upgrade Design