Willow Beach Field Naturalists Lobby Council

There has been a lot of discussion about a possible boat travel lift for Cobourg boats.  Most of the discussion has been about the need for it for economic reasons versus who should pay (see links below).  There is also concern that it’s related to additional boat slips on the West side of the Centre Pier.  But in a letter to Councillors, the Willow Beach Field Naturalists (WBFN) raise another issue.  To gain entry to the harbour, a ramp is proposed west of the current boat launch which would reduce the size of the small beach there which the WBFN says is “the main gathering area for the impressive number and diversity of waterfowl and gulls for which our harbour… Read complete articleWillow Beach Field Naturalists Lobby Council

County Wants Public Input for Strategic Plan

The County is asking the public to complete a survey to provide public input for their strategic plan for the years 2019 – 2023.  This is quite different to the process used by Cobourg Council – although it was open to the public, no advance input was solicited for the Cobourg version.  Instead, a draft plan will be available online at some point for comment (but not yet).  One immediate problem is that many people are not clear on all the responsibilities of the County.  Apart from pickup garbage, what do they actually do?  The survey asks what you like about Northumberland; what programs and services do you feel should be priority areas for focus, and why; what should be… Read complete articleCounty Wants Public Input for Strategic Plan