Changes coming to re-cycling in 2019

Effective September 1, 2019, the County intends to make major changes to its recycling and waste collection program.  Instead of one type of recyclable waste, there will be two: paper and containers. In addition, organic waste will be collected separately. Residents will be given blue, grey and green boxes.  It will get complicated so expect a major educational program.  The motivation for the dual-stream recycling is the cost of recycling when it’s contaminated with non-recyclable material.  Currently in Northumberland County, contamination of recyclables is around 20-25% – with dual stream, it can go as low as 3%.  Because of this contamination, the price paid for recycled paper has dropped from $100 per metric ton to $5 per metric ton. The… Read complete articleChanges coming to re-cycling in 2019