Patrick Brown Starts Election Campaign in Port Hope

A few days ago, Patrick Brown, the leader of the Provincial Conservatives, released his election platform and his first stop on his campaign tour was on Monday night in Port Hope.  Organized by the Progressive Conservative candidate, David Piccini, the Town Hall meeting was short, open to everyone and NOT a fundraiser.  The meeting was in the gym at the Port Hope High School and was well organized with a full house of about 150 people. Patrick spoke about his “People’s Guarantee” and kept the tone constructive with little of the negativity we associate with politicians.  His platform has five points and after explaining those in some detail, he opened up the floor for questions. Most of the questions were… Read complete articlePatrick Brown Starts Election Campaign in Port Hope

Murdoch Mysteries Filming back in Town

On Monday this week, there were a whole lot of trucks and a pile of people in Town working on the filming for Murdoch Mysteries. There were two filming locations: the West Beach and Third Street adjacent to Victoria Hall.  The parking lot on Second Street was reserved for the filming team, Third Street was closed from King to Albert and the West Beach Boardwalk was “closed”. Residents were in fact allowed to go on the boardwalk but would be asked to wait and not intrude during actual filming.  Photos below give an idea of the activity.  Hopefully some of the businesses in Town benefited,  e.g. the restaurants.  West Beach filming featured a horse, an old car and a temporary… Read complete articleMurdoch Mysteries Filming back in Town