Marie Dressler Inducted into Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame

You’ve probably heard of Martin Short and Jim Carrey and if you live in Cobourg, you’ve probably heard of Cobourg born Marie Dressler.  The Marie Dressler Foundation operates a museum in Cobourg which honours Marie as one of three Oscar winning Canadian actresses from the thirties: that’s the Canadian Women in Film Museum in Dressler House.  In 2021, the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame was started to “collect the stories and the memories of the funniest nation on the planet to preserve and promote our sense of humour.”  Since then, a number of Canadian comedians have been inducted and at an event in Hamilton on February 23, 2024, Marie Dressler was included.  The ceremony was attended by Rick Miller, Chair of Marie Dressler Foundation – he accepted the award (trophy) on Marie’s behalf.

The award ceremony was part of the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame Festival held at FirstOntario Concert Hall (previously called Hamilton Place).  The trophy was a strange looking thing – see image below right.

Hall of fame trophy
Hall of fame trophy

Inductees were in three categories – here’s a list:

2023 Legacy Inductees

  • Happy Gang
  • Rose Ouelette
  • Marie Dressler

2023 Creator Inductees

  • Jo-Anna Downey
  • Joe Bodolei
  • Steve Smith

2023 Performer Inductees

  • The Cast of SCTV
  • Steve Smith
  • Jim Carrey
  • Eugene Levy
  • Martin Short
  • Billy Van

Marie’s in good company.

The Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame website includes a description for each inductee and in most cases, there’s a video. For Marie, they found a video I had not seen previously – it was put together by Aya Karlieva based in London UK.  Worth a look:

The video only briefly mentions her Canadian origin – she’s referred to as a “native Canadian” who moved to Hollywood.  There’s more on her origin at the museum which is currently only open by appointment. Contact Rick Miller who would be pleased to show you around.


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Leona Woods
1 month ago

Rick Miller’s passion for all things Marie Dressler is to be commended and I am sure he played a role in getting her inducted into the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame. Congratulations. A good news story.

Reply to  Leona Woods
1 month ago

I don’t think this community has any idea of the amount of work Rick Miller has done on behalf of our community to preserve Marie Dressler and to build a very interesting women in film museum. If you haven’t been in there do your self a favour it is very interesting.

1 month ago

Well done !

Cobourg taxpayer
1 month ago

Well it would take a certain type of comedian to find what is going on in Cobourg now as funny. Likely not one who lives here now.

Mr Turnbull
Reply to  Cobourg taxpayer
1 month ago

tut tut – are you not aware u r living in the “feel good town” time to change that logo – readers – send in your suggestions –

1 month ago

If my memory serves me correctly there was a fire back in the early 80s that nearly destroyed the Building which was for sale at the time by Hocken Real estate . The town at the time was about to tear the building down after the fire .
Then along came Mr. Wm, ( Bill Patchet ) who located here from Toronto and purchased the
Now No Frills Plaza and the former Grocery next to be the Quigley Hardware store east of Victoria Hall ;
Mr Patchet with the aid of another new relocate to Cobourg a Toronto Realtor who went by the name of V. J. he had also just set up shop in Cobourg as well. They went about acquiring the property initially for a Real-estate office . Later they set about raising Monies to restore the Building as they believed it to be of social significance
They set out raising money by selling Bricks for the path way with Downers names on them .
I recall attending a meeting
at the then Patchet Grocery store Board room up stairs at the back trying to get the Town to chip in and support the Acquisition & Restoration efforts of the now Dressler Museum There was at the time sizable town resistance to the idea — If it were not for the persistent efforts of these 2 Businessmen not native to Cobourg there would never have been a Dressler House today.