RCMP Musical Ride coming to Cobourg again

Subject to Council approval (which was provided unanimously), the Musical Ride by the RCMP will be coming to Cobourg on Saturday 22 June, 2024. They were a great success when they last visited Cobourg on the 9th of June 2012 (see photos below).  There will be bleachers set up in Donegan park and the cost is estimated at $20,000 with ticket sales also at $20,000. This is based on an estimated 2000 people attending with a ticket price of $10. The 32 horses would be stabled in the Roseneath fairgrounds – it has not been announced where the riders would be housed – presumably in a hotel in Cobourg.  At the Committee of the Whole meeting on 27 November, Director Geerts conceded that there was a weather risk and if the event were cancelled, about half the $20K would not be recovered.  Nevertheless, Council approved going ahead with the event.  

Photos from 2012 Event


Memo from Jackie Chapman Davis Manager, Culture, Events & Tourism requesting funding

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4 months ago

I went to the last one and they could use more seating
great show

4 months ago

Glad to hear some positive news! I certainly hope Council approves this event. I would definitely purchase tickets.