Police Approve 2024 Budget

Cobourg’s Police service is the single biggest line item on the Town’s budget but their increase in 2024 at 6.3% is less than Cobourg’s proposed increase of 8.06%.  A big plus for the Police is they partially support themselves with their business unit – in 2024, the business unit will contribute $2.1M or 22% of total cost. Another plus is that they provide a good amount of detail – including personnel count. This is important because I calculate that wages, salaries and benefits are 77% of Police costs. Separately, the Police provide detailed reports on their performance – see the Agendas of their monthly meetings. See link in Resources below for the statistics to November in December’s report. The board also hears monthly reports from the Chief on progress with initiatives.

The draft budget was approved at the Police Board meeting on 19 December with the change that there would only be 4 new constables instead of the 6 in the original draft budget. The numbers below are for the original draft budget and are still valid.

Personnel Count


Chief and Deputy Chief: 2 (average pay: $190K)
Sergeants & Staff Sergeants:  10 (average pay: $124K)
Constables: 31 (average pay $104K).
Cadets (new recruits): 6 (approved budget changed this to 4)


Civilian Positions: 11 (average pay $82,561)

Corporate Services

Full-time: 6
Part-time (clerks): 37

Key Budget numbers
(excludes Corporate Services)

Payroll Salary and wages: $5,295,011
Benefits: $1,579,633 (~30% of salaries)
Other: $525,367

Total Salaries wages and benefits:  $7,400,011

Materials: $328,660
Contracted Services: $518,473 – includes Communications Owen Sound Police at $276,048
Recovery from Business services revenue: -$2,117,330 (22% of Total Cost)

Total “General”: $6,129,815

Other expenses (Court Security, Court Administration, Facilities, Police board, less Police revenue): $1,304,910

Police Total: $7,434,725 (6.3% higher than 2023)


Total Cost (excluding Recovery): $9,552,055
Included Overtime: $132,209
Totals include the expected recovery from WSIB: -$721,764 (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board)

Corporate Services (business unit)
This is a separate entity so the only number relevant to the Police and Town budgets is the “profit” which is more than enough to cover the Police budget’s “recovery” number.

Corporate services budget summary

Salary, Wages and Benefits: $2,165,398
Materials: $247,755
Contracted services: $119,336
Transfer from Reserve: -$2,532,489 [profit]

Police Summary

Included in Town’s Budget:  $7,434,728.  That’s 29.6% of Town’s Budget and 6.3% more than 2023 budget.

The Police are to be commended for their transparency and accountability.


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4 months ago

I don’t mind paying for policing, but ours is overpriced and overvalued.
Selective enforcement and non-enforcement (illegal parking, not bringing charges against trespassers and mischief) and victim shaming makes me wish for a different policing model. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Reply to  Eastender
4 months ago

I agree there is room to save money. Our police budget has increased 15% in the past three years. There is a line called other in the budget of $525,267. What is that for? Why did we decide to get body cams in a small town police force. Port Hope police quickly said that was luxury they could not see doing. The corporate services group is now 43 paleo plea for a cost of $2.5 million to make $2.1 million is nothings my short of a slush fund for the CPS. If we went to the OPP for a quote I am sure the cost would be much less. We have 10 sergeants and staff sergeants and 2 police chiefs for a total of 31 officers. What are 11 commandments civilian staff doing for 43 police officers. That is way too management ( indirect staff) for a team of 31 on the street. Soon they will want a new building and the tax payer will have to fund it. That is why an OPP quote is worth looking at.

4 months ago

The Chief, Deputy Chief, sergeants and constables average over $142k each. They have to work shift work and some of the work is dangerous. Factory workers often work shifts and have dangerous jobs. The police make about 3 times what a factory worker makes and may have better benefits as well. I really hope these officers appreciate what they have.

Reply to  Kevin
4 months ago

Yes, they have “defined benefit” pensions versus some factory workers who may have a “defined contribution” pension…a big difference that taxpayers have to help fund for the police with their Union Agreement.

Reply to  cornbread
4 months ago

And how do these occupations compare with each?

Last edited 4 months ago by Informed
Cobourg taxpayer
4 months ago

The CPS costs the town of Cobourg taxpayer too much money. While the average resident is feeling the pain of costs rising for utilities, food, housing, gas, etc, every level of government thinks raising tax is acceptable and affordable. It is not. As far as the CPS goes there are too many police for too few residents, 90% of which are law abiding citizens. Why the obstinacy against shared police, whether it be with Port Hope or possibly a Northumberland Police Force? Why the obstinacy against trying to save some money???

Reply to  Cobourg taxpayer
4 months ago

Yes, the cost of policing is out of control! Empire building! Our current council will never address this issue. Sometime next year, we should have a civic referendum and let taxpayers decide, The choices would be opt for the OPP or maintain the status quo.

4 months ago

Population of the City of Toronto = 2,903,456. Number of Police, including Under Cover, not including Civilian Employees = 5,400
Ratio: 1 Police for every 537 people

Population of Cobourg = 20,807
Number of Police, including 4 additions, not including Civilian Employees = 57
Ratio: 1 Police for every 365 people

Reply to  Kathleen
4 months ago

On this calculation we are 47% over our rightful costs for policing. Now is the time to get a quote from the OPP.

Reply to  cornbread
4 months ago

Yup. And that’s not even comparing the murder rate between Toronto and Cobourg.

Reply to  Kathleen
4 months ago

I don’t know the exact % of retired seniors we have in Cobourg compared to Toronto…but we have a lot more people in Cobourg %wise that don’t cause any police action or trouble versus the Toronto scene.

Reply to  cornbread
4 months ago

My opinion…We are being bled dry by CPS. No brainer – This is NOT sustainable.

Pete M
4 months ago

Just curious, where are the numbers for the Special Constables? Are they part of the civilian total?

4 months ago

I support the police budget; there is little wiggle room, and the business unit is returning profits to the CPS funds.

Let the gnashing of teeth begin.

Go on, TD me, you know you want to do it.

Reply to  Gerry
4 months ago

I would like to know the cost of the 6 full time and 37 part time in corporate services and what their job descriptions are. Are they the folks that do criminal checks?

John Draper
Reply to  Paul
4 months ago

For more detail, download “Police Draft Budget” above. If it’s not in that document, email the chief and ask. Costs should be in the budget but not job descriptions.

4 months ago

I fully support this Budget, the Cobourg Police Services and this Blog! Best Regards to everyone!