What’s Happening Downtown Cobourg – Jan 2022

Not all properties for sale or rent in Cobourg’s Downtown are listed on MLS but after searching the Internet and looking at information on the Town’s Economic Development page, I have a list.  Listings on the Internet may be misleading since some properties are now off the market (sold or withdrawn) and if a building is for sale, it does not mean the tenant is moving or changing.  However from the available information we can get an indication of what’s happening Downtown.  Real Estate is sold through Real Estate Agents but Cobourg’s Economic Development Department actively helps – the list below indicates which ones they help with.  Also shown is which Agent should be contacted.  Where available, I’ve also provided some details of the Property.

Downtown Listings

Current listings are available via links for Agents

Address Details Sale Type Price Listing Status Agent Town Listing
7 & 9 King West Dutch Oven & Farren Assoc. Building + Restaurant Business $1,399,900 Re-Listed summer 2021 Sanjiv Puri Ipro Realty Yes
201 Division Street Craft and Loft Cinema Building only $1,200,000 Updated 17 Dec 2021 Tony Pulla, ReMax Yes
79 King W #9 & 10 Rustic Bean & Kitchen and Bar 2 Condo units $798,000 Listed Oct 2021 Royal LePage Denise Liboiron No
47 King West Tenant – Buy & Sell Building only $590,000 Relisted 3 Jan 2022 Lily Hu, Bay St Group Yes
43 & 45 King West Empty Stores Building only $599,000 Relisted 3 Jan 2022 Lily Hu, Bay St Group Yes
38 Covert Street Cat & Fiddle Business for sale $499,000 Active Ryan Earl – Carve Real Estate Yes
41 King West Empty Store Building only $490,000 Relisted 3 Jan 2022 Lily Hu, Bay St Group Yes
90 King West Taste of Agra Business Only $99,000 Listed June 2021 Homeward Johnny Percolides Yes
239 Division Greenleaf Hydroponics For rent $13.50 per sq. ft. Active Tony Pulla No
242 Division Street For rent $1295/mth Listed 12 Jan 2021 Remax No
129 King West Sleep made Simple – moved For rent $4,500/mth Listed 29 Oct 2021 Remax No
15, 17, 19 King East 3 Stores, some tenanted 3 Buildings $1,576,000 (ask) Sold Denise Liboiron Yes
257 Division Tenant – Connect Hearing Building only $999,999 Not currently listed Sanjiv Puri Ipro Realty Yes
79 King West #8 Royal Spa & rented Condo Building incl. Condo $988,000 Not currently listed Royal LePage Yes

See earlier reports (links below) to see the history of some of the properties.

Note that some buildings have Apartments included although they are not always habitable.

It’s notable that although prices of residential buildings have gone up fast, most commercial property owners are asking about the same as they did a few years ago.

There’s no updated public news on the Quigley lot (202 Second St.) or 2 King East – Sorry.  The most recent news on the Quigley lot is here and on 2 King East here.


Previous reports on Cobourg News Blog

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Denise Liboiron
2 years ago

Hi – As you can see a shrinking list of available commercial downtown!
The company I work at is Century 21 All-Pro (1993) Ltd. – not RLP just to correct that.
Also Unit 8 – 79 King W is for sale (salon/spa retail + residential in back.) On MLS system.
13/15/17/19 deal did not firm up – and it was not RLP but myself on that listing. Still available possibly.
Denise Liboiron c21

George Taylor
2 years ago

WHOW! no comments? should have mentioned the trailer park?

Reply to  George Taylor
2 years ago

Or the CTA!

Wally Keeler
Reply to  ben
2 years ago

You mean the Creative Textroverts Association?