Post-Covid – Cobourg Opens up

Yesterday (March 1), the Province relaxed most restrictions and the Town has been quick to follow. An announcement on Tuesday seemed to say that Cobourg is now finished with Covid restrictions but look closer. Masks are still required indoors unless you can maintain two metres separation, people should still check for symptoms and some businesses may elect to still ask for proof of vaccination. But there’s no capacity limits, businesses like restaurants need not ask for proof of vaccination so it’s almost back to normal.  As a result, the Town has announced re-opening Victoria Hall, the Community Centre, the Library, the Art Gallery and Venture 13 – details below. Covid-19 has not gone away but Health authorities – in Ontario anyway – are now treating it as if it were regular Flu. Not good but generally under control.

Town of Cobourg Re-openings (summary – by Department)

Victoria Hall

The Victoria Hall lobby is now open to the public Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Enter through the main doors then proceed to the appropriate department:


Debit and cheque payments are preferred for the following transactions:

  • Garbage Tags
  • Parking Ticket Payments (can also be paid online)
  • Parking Permits (can also be paid online)
  • Tax Payments (online banking payments, drop box and mail still preferred)
  • Transit Passes

In-person appointments for questions regarding tax accounts or accounts receivable inquiries may be made in advance by calling 905-372-8944 or by emailing: Tax Accounts: [email protected] | Accounts Receivable: [email protected]

Parcels and Deliveries
All deliveries to Victoria Hall can now be received through the front doors.

Building and Planning
Virtual consultations and meetings will continue, and the some in-person services will be made available through the Building and Planning Department – see Resources below for full announcement.

Office of the Clerk/Bylaw

  • In-person commissioning services and marriage licences will continue to be provided.
  • Hybrid Council, Committee and Public Meetings will continue until further notice.
  • In-person inquiries of the Municipal Clerk Office to be provided.
  • In-person Dog Tag Licensing to be provided.
  • Bylaw enforcement operating as usual.

Public Works

Operating business as usual. All business and communication are encouraged to continue through email, video conferencing or by phone. See Resources below for full announcement.

Parks, Recreation, & Facilities

The Cobourg Community Centre is open to the public.  It appears all programs are operating.  See web site – the Calendar has not yet been updated so you’ll need to call to confirm.  No word whether they will be asking for proof of vaccination – after all, it is optional.


The Cobourg Public Library is open to the public and has the following operational hours:

  • Monday to Wednesday from 10 am – 8 pm
  • Thursday to Saturday from 10 am -5 pm
  • Sunday from 1-5 pm

Art Gallery of Northumberland

The art gallery, located within Victoria Hall, is open to the public. Visit for details.

Remember, although most restrictions have been lifted, wearing a mask indoors is still required!


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Beach walker
2 years ago

Just tried to book a table at a Cobourg restaurant. Closed because of staffing shortage. Was looking forward to finally going out!

Reply to  Beach walker
2 years ago

Try the ‘Buttermilk Cafe’

Reply to  Beach walker
2 years ago

Keep trying…was at The El last weekend, Taps and Corks was busy, Kelly’s was busy, Arthurs has been busy, the Mill a few weeks ago, went for lunch yesterday at CJ’s…

Beach walker
Reply to  Rob
2 years ago

It was The El that was closed.

2 years ago

I think I will wear my mask for a while. As a school bus driver, sitting in a confined space, with high school students, for two hours in the morning and again in the afternoon, I’ll not throw caution to the wind! It will be up to the students, as to what they may want to do, all based on K.P.R. regulations?

2 years ago

It will be interesting to see when the Premiers will take on our Prime Minister to relieve the Canadian border requirement of a certified negative Covid 19 test to allow entry back into Canada including Canadian citizens. You only need Proof of Vaccination to get into the USA.
Wake-Up Mr Trudeau.

beach lover
Reply to  cornbread
2 years ago

When it comes to border measures, the additional random PCR testing of returning fully vaccinated and COVID tested Canadians also needs to go. It’s currently taking more than 5 days to get test results back and it’s almost impossible to get through to anyone on the phone or schedule the required online appointment with a nurse. Plus, the closest Purolator drop box for Cobourg is in Peterborough. A complete waste of time and taxpayers money.

Reply to  beach lover
2 years ago

if it wasn’t for Ford and Kenndy whining that Canada did not do test at the border we wouldnt have it
staples ,Dale rd variety , and Pro lock. On King st are drop off for Purolator

beach lover
Reply to  Mark
2 years ago

Unfortunately the Purolator on King, Staples or anywhere nearby aren’t authorized to accept the completed test kits. There are special Purolator collection bins (outdoors) for the Switch Health COVID test kits provided by the government and the only two within 50 km of Cobourg are in Peterborough. They also don’t offer home pick-up in Cobourg as they do in other areas. We’re now on Day 6 waiting for our results ( after two negative tests in the past week)