Police Update – October 2022

Cobourg Police are continually improving their reporting but you have to look for it.  Apart from their annual report, they have also recently published their budget before it’s approved and now they have added reports that give detailed Statistics of their activities more regularly. (See Resources below for links to articles about what they did previously).  Currently, Communications Coordinator Lisa Munday issues a limited bi-weekly report (that’s every second week, not twice a week) but if you look at Police Board meeting Agendas on escribe, you can find detailed reports that cover recent months.  My review below of the “August 2022- CPS Monthly Operational Report” as available in the Agenda for October 18 will give you some idea of the information now available (see link to escribe below).

The most recent bi-weekly report (November 1) does not give much detail:

From October 17 to October 30, 2022, CPS responded to 399 calls for service.

  • Break and enter: Five (5) – Blake Street, Lakeshore Road, King Street East, Read Street, Elgin Street West and William Street
  • Theft from motor vehicle: Two (2) – Elgin Street West and University Street, Coverdale Avenue
  • Mischief: Two (2) – Chapel Street, William Street

But the Monthly Operational report has much more detail albeit from August – here are some highlights:

August 2022 August 2022 2022 YTD August 2021 2021 YTD
Calls for Service 1007 8511 1111 8220
Mental Health Related Occurrences 15 108 18 99
Violent Offences 10 100 21 117
Property Crimes 19 228 27 231
Domestic Related
(Violent incidents in brackets)
19 133 (23) 16 171 (13)

See resources below for link to download full monthly reports for August and July.

Overall, the report includes some statistics which seem to show that although calls are increasing, most crime is reducing. Hopefully that indicates an increasingly effective job by the Police.

The report also includes a detailed description of one incident:

On August 11, 2022, Cobourg Police Service (CPS) uniform members entered an investigation after being notified that a complainant tracked their stolen computer to a residence in the Town of Cobourg. Responding officers determined that the laptop was in a vehicle in the home’s parking lot.

On August 12, 2022, the CPS Criminal Investigations Branch obtained Judicial Authorization to search the vehicle. The search resulted in the seizure of dozens of stolen property items, including 13 laptops/tablets, numerous government-issued identification cards, cheques, and banking and tax documents not belonging to the owner of the vehicle. The value associated with the property recovered exceeds $38,000.

Presumably the vehicle owner was arrested.

Each monthly report includes details of an interesting incident plus graphics showing trends.

Ongoing, there is also the map showing the approx. location of reportable offences.  You can access here.

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