Parking Update

A report on Cobourg News Blog on May 12 described the major changes coming to Cobourg with parking.  Waterfront parking, downtown parking and winter parking were all changed.  But since there were so many changes, there was a degree of uncertainty, especially about overnight parking.  When the by-Law was finally approved at the Regular Council Meeting on May 16, some text changes were made to clarify the revisions.  The changes were mostly to do with Winter parking – a map was added to show which streets had a ban on overnight parking and a new appendix (PP) listed which streets banned any winter parking. Winter is defined as “November 1 to March 31” and overnight is “between 2:00 am and 7:00 am”.

It’s probably also worth emphasizing a couple of things:

  • No vehicle may park longer than 48 hours
  • Enforcement is mostly re-active. That is, it’s complaint driven – although there is some proactive enforcement for the winter no parking rules.

I have attempted to provide a clear description of all the requirements related to Parking in Cobourg as mandated by the revised By-Law.  It’s provided on this page.

Winter Parking is now also better defined – and more restrictive on some streets. Go here for details.

Another issue was raised at the Council meeting: because of supply problems, the Pay and Display machines required on the waterfront will not be delivered in time for the 2022 summer as originally planned. So staff will be moving the Pay and Display machines currently installed downtown and installing them on the waterfront.  As a result, parking on King Street will be free until October 10, 2022 although the time limit is now 3 hours. (See Schedule R of the final by-law – link in resources below).  When the payment requirement resumes, the fee will be $1.25 per hour.

The subject of Parking in Cobourg is contentious and complicated.  You can find more on the subject from the links below.


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Kathy R
1 year ago

May 31/22 noticed our big SUV bylaw vehicle (001)sitting in Victoria park, idling away so the bylaw officer could stay cool with AC running….hello! Climate change!! also why does Cobourg need such LARGE SUV’s for bylaw enforcement?? Our roads are paved!!🥺🥺🥺 YES Cobourg has a spending problem in more ways than one😤😤

Just Wondering
2 years ago

So if I understand properly, if I totally ignore the requirement to pay and display, I’m fined $40. If I’m playing by the rules and buy a ticket, but make the mistake of overstaying the paid for time, I’m fined $160? Hardly seems fair.

2 years ago

Well….I am open to suggestions…I tried to listen and do the right thing…pay $40…, ..should I just sell or donate my Resident Waterfront Season Pass and park on King Street this summer? I feel like I’ve just paid to fill up the tank of one of our Parking Consultants….

Sarcasm aside—our Town has a chronic spending problem , not a revenue problem. What that means, is, when they tell us how much revenue we are going to collect, look for the associated real costs to be disclosed at a very future date behind the curtain of broken taxpayer dreams……. Lets hope someone in the finance dept will accurately track both our revenue + expenses related to this puzzle of a plan and tell us where we are at the end of the summer.

Mr Bigley
Reply to  Dunkirk
2 years ago

u are absolutely correct – l am also wondering just what the system will be for rext parking meters, certainly one would hope that the latest system was a disaster – (find your ticket machine in a snowbank half a block away?????? l am also wondering about the parking lot on Covert st – the potholes are relly dangerous and the town is going to – if nothings done have some car repairs to deal with – it looks like a slum – and thats so sad