Major Council Plans for 2022

It used to be that at the New Year’s Levee on January first each year, the Mayor would review not only achievements by Council in the year past but also talk about what was expected in the coming year. The current Mayor, John Henderson, stopped that tradition and never talked about what’s coming – but we’ll never know what John would have said at this year’s Levee since it was cancelled and no virtual version was offered. To fill that gap, I will list what the Town is planning for 2022 based on what’s already been said and committed to. The Capital Budget has been approved, tenders have been issued, a new organization is coming and the hiring process has already started.

Note that although these are current plans, changes are always possible.

Staffing changes

  • There will be a new Department (Legislative Services) headed by a new Director – Brent Larmer. Community Services will have a newly hired Director and Teresa Behan will no longer be Deputy Director. A new director will be hired for the Planning and Development Department and a Manager will be hired for Economic Development. Most changes would be early in 2022. (See resources below).
  • There will be lifeguards at the Beach.

Major Projects

  • Work will start on repairing Harbour walls although it would start in September to avoid excessive disruption. Specifically, the 2022 projects are:  North & East Basin Walls, Fuel Dock Basin Wall and the Centre Pier.
  • The Boardwalk at the West Beach between Hibernia St and Ontario St will be repaired and upgraded
  • The Police will introduce Body-worn Cameras
  • Burke, Blake and Victoria Streets will be reconstructed including fixing sanitary, storm and water main deficiencies.
  • Albert Street will be widened at the Division Street intersection
  • A section of Kerr Street will be constructed between Wilkins Gate and New Amherst Boulevard.
  • More parking meters at the waterfront will be replaced with Pay and Display. With rates going up, existing meters would not have sufficient capacity to hold all the coins.
  • More Multi-Use Trails will be provided.
  • The Beach Canteen building will be re-purposed. Instead food trucks will be allowed.
  • Security Gates will be installed at the Marina and the electrical service upgraded.
  • An Electronic Documents Management system will be fully implemented for all Town departments; this will bring the Town into the 21st century with its document management.
  • Shoreline Erosion at Monks Cove will be fixed
  • Several roads will have their pavement resurfaced.

Major Events

Subject to changes mandated by Covid-29 edicts:

  • The beach will be open unrestricted
  • Major events in 2022 will include Canada Day celebrations, Christmas Magic and most others but there will be only a scaled down Sand Castle Festival.
  • The Waterfront Festival is organized by the Lions and Rotary Clubs – no word yet on their plans. Highland Games are planned for June 18.

Note that unlike the earlier post on predictions, the above items are what’s planned and are not based on opinion but on published information.


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Old Sailor
2 years ago

Assuming the 2022 municipal election will bring the usual turnover in our Council. And assuming it takes a new Councillor most of her or his first term to understand how all of the Town’s operating segments fit together into one plan. I would hope that all of the Town’s new hires will be the best available candidates possible. And that we have a healthy budget for senior staff training each year. Our senior staff are the guide dogs for our decision making Council.

2 years ago

Given that Cobourg has been under a declared Climate Emergency for 2+ years now,
it is surprising and perplexing that the subject doesn’t show up in the lists of
Major Projects, Major Events or Staffing Changes.

Council has budgeted hundreds of thousands of dollars in the years immediately ahead for Climate actions planning, but implementation actions are likely a long way off.

Should Council rescind the declared Climate Emergency?

2 years ago

May be this Mayor does not like to set Goals that he has to work towards
or can be held accountable for . Productivity and Goal setting , and actual achievements might be just to challenging .
Cornerstone of every business is to set goals and know where your going