Ashley Bouman and Randy Barber

Candidates for the upcoming Municipal election include gay activist Ashley Bouman and Community “activist” Randy Barber.  Quite different Candidates but both have worked hard in the community.  This is their first try at getting elected but both are reasonably well known in Cobourg.  Although their platforms have now been published, neither have provided a whole lot of detail although Ashley continues to add information to her web site.  Both have considerable experience leading organizations with Randy’s experience including six years on Markham Council.  If you are looking for “new blood”, these would appear to be prime candidates.  Below are summaries of their campaigns although it’s always best to go to their web sites and facebook pages – see links in Resources below.

Ashley Bouman
Ashley Bouman

Ashley Bouman Bio and Platform (summary)

  • Ashley has been involved with PFLAG’s Cobourg Chapter since 2014
  • For the past few years, she has been providing free webinars for the community. For example Pronoun Usage and Trans Advocacy in Northumberland, 2021
  • She is a Director on three Boards; The Help and Legal Centre of Northumberland, Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre and Transition House.
  • She is a member of the Town of Cobourg’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee.
  • Ashley has a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in English Literature and Women’s Studies from Trent University.
  • She is the recipient of a Port Hope Civic Award in 2018 as a Committee Member of Take Back the Night Port Hope
  • She was also recognised as a Go Northumberland Woman of Influence in 2020.
  • She received a Town of Cobourg Civic Award in 2021 for her community advocacy work.
  • Her platform lists (but currently no detail):
    • Increasing Accessibility
    • Environment & Sustainability 
    • Attainable Housing
    • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Randy Barber
Randy Barber

Randy Barber Bio and Platform (summary)
Randy stresses his community involvement and experience.

  • Co-chair – Community Fundraising team, St. Peter’s Church Restoration
  • Vice President – Cobourg and District Historical Society
  • Member – Town of Cobourg Committee of Adjustment.
  • Member – Rotary Club of Cobourg
  • Chairman – The Centre for Dreams – a charity providing respite for developmentally handicapped adults.
  • Chair – International Churchill Society Canada
  • Six Years on Markham Council during a period of unprecedented growth
  • Chair of the Board of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).
  • Administrative Law Judge on the National Parole Board, CPP disability, and Employment Insurance appeal hearings across Canada.

Randy wants to be Councillor so that he can help:

  • Guide town growth and development without losing our small town charm.
  • Ensure the stewardship of taxpayers money with respect and accountability.
  • Work with the county to develop solutions to homelessness issues.
  • Brookside/Strathmore House  – we have an opportunity to save this historical property and develop it for the benefit of the entire community as well as attract new visitors.
  • Ensure the vitality of the Downtown and Waterfront.

Both Ashley and Randy would appear to be good Candidates but there are 10 citizens who filed to run as councillors and only 5 will be elected.

With races for both Mayor and Deputy Mayor and 10 running for a councillor position, it should be an interesting race and probably a higher turnout than the 43.6% at the last election.  Voting starts on October 14.


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1 year ago

FYI: Perhaps Ashley updated her website after you visited it: When I clicked on the picture/icons for each of the topics you mentioned, there was quite a bit of detail available.

John Draper
Reply to  Beth
1 year ago

She updated today!

Old Sailor
1 year ago

In my view, we don’t need any more activists running for Council. We need big picture leaders who think about what will be best for all Cobourg citizens. Councillors whose ideas are left of Pierre Poilievre and right of Justin Trudeau. Is that asking too much?

Concerned Cobourg Resident
Reply to  Old Sailor
1 year ago

Agreed. Activism = propaganda for one viewpoint.

And no, unfortunately, no collective (ie. Government) can ever cater to all individual needs! Surprise! This is why we need less government!

Voting left or right is like a ping-pong game. You just keep going back and forth between one of two evils, both controlling the citizens.

Vote for those who espouse freedom and small government, it’s the only way!

Concerned Cobourg Resident
1 year ago

*yawn* more of the same. Two more NO votes for me.

1 year ago

I’m curious why Ashley Bouman is described as an activist but Randy Barber is an “activist”.
Subtle message there?

Cobourg taxpayer
1 year ago

I am afraid, Randy Barber, that ensuring the stewardship of taxpayers money and saving Brookside/Strathmore is an oxymoron. Living close to Strathmore I have seen how quickly it has fallen into disrepair. It’s not something a town of 20000 can support financially. After all we have to support the CCC, build a new skateboard park and pickle ball courts, provide subsidized housing, paid for an adult outdoor fitness park no one uses, fix east pier and west headland, new bathrooms for the trailer park and Victoria Park, desperately needed upgrades to basic infrastructure and maintain Victoria Hall. And this only a partial list. Pay for growing staff at city hall, county staff, police staff and firemen. Perhaps you could explain how we’re going to pay for all this?

Ken Strauss
Reply to  Cobourg taxpayer
1 year ago

Cobourg taxpayer, your list of future expenses clearly justifies Council spending $91,288.90 for a consultant to tell them how to raise user fees. Not!