Motel Plans Expansion

The Holiday Inn Hotel planned up near the Home Depot is still stuck in the planning stage but another hotel (actually motel) has now applied for Site Plan approval to add a 50 room expansion to their existing 16 rooms.  The budget motel at 1144 Division Street was originally called Motel 401 but after a scandal involving the owner a few years ago, there was a change of owner and a name change to Studio One.   The current Motel is a single story building facing south and facing a park-like strip of land.  The expansion will occupy that green-space and will be three storeys.  The fact that there is this application to expand has to tell us that the owner thinks there is room for additional business.

In case you are looking for the motel – it’s on the east side of Division Street just south of the Shell gas station.

The Site Plan approval Application will be presented to Council for their information at the Committee of the Whole (C.O.W.) meeting on January 25.  The next step is a report from planning.

If you look carefully at the submitted documents included in the C.O.W. Agenda, you can see a Super 8 logo so we can presume that the Motel will get the Super 8 branding.  That should improve marketing for the business.


More Details on new Hotel provided at Public Meeting – 7 November 2019 – re planned Holiday Inn 

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