Marina Parking Lot Upgraded

On May 10, Council approved repaving and modifying the Marina Parking lot and today the Town announced it would open tomorrow, Friday June 11. So on this glorious June day, I thought I would take a look and see if it was ready.  But by mid afternoon – not quite.   The Parking lot was pot-holed and badly needed re-paving.  That’s been done.  In addition the traffic flow needed re-arranging “to improve vehicular traffic in the area” and to allow easy separation of pedestrians who walk along the South edge – see the diagram below.  On Thursday afternoon a “steam-roller” (do they still call them that?) was still working to finish the asphalt – I can’t see it being ready to open on Friday – despite the Press Release.

Marina Parking Lot Configuration
Marina Parking Lot Configuration

The image at right shows the planned work.

The first photo in the gallery below shows the exit to the area. The southern edge is the storage area for small boats, canoes, dragon boats etc.  Close enough to the launch beach (adjacent to the launch ramp) for manual handling.

Still required at the end of work on Thursday

  • Painting of Parking lot markings – including pedestrian path
  • Planter boxes along south edge of exit to separate pedestrians from traffic.
  • Maybe some more signs e.g. re pedestrian path

As before, parking fees will be collected with a pay and display machine.  Boats with trailers are directed onto the grassed area – although “grass” is a poor description for the bare earth in the centre of the area.   Short of laying sod and/or banning traffic for a couple of months, there won’t be any grass there for a while – one of the photos clearly shows this.

With the lift-in last weekend, the Marina has boats but it’s nowhere near full.  A second lift-in is not planned this year.  The Charter fishing boats are ready but were docked today.  The boat launch is available but not yet busy.

From the Centre Pier, I could see that the fenced beach was busy but again, nowhere near full.  See photo below.

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3 years ago

Been waiting over 20 years for the Town to do a few repairs to the terrible surface of Tremaine Street. Tired of the excuse by town…waiting for 415 King to be made into housing.

Reply to  cornbread
3 years ago

Maybe you should move down the street to Tremaine Terrace.
They got a new road recently.

3 years ago

John I know that many of the comments below are negative (picky by some standards) but for me your column and information shown, means regular ‘norm’ is approaching fast. Thanks for the ‘feeling’.

Last edited 3 years ago by Gerinator
Cap’n John
3 years ago

There is an opportunity to significantly improve this general area through better planning and create safe and attractive space for water based activities, parkland, and car parking. It can be done at low cost.
Boat storage space can be reduced by perhaps 50% by a combination of better utilization of existing boat storage areas, sharing of space, and off site winter storage for smaller boats and sailboats stored with mast down.
It requires the Town, the Marina, the yacht club, and the dragon boat club to work together cooperatively and explore ideas.

beach lover
3 years ago

This is really a haphazard way to address the problem that materialized when the boat storage area was expanded. Instead the huge storage area should have been relocated out of the area to make space for the non-motorized craft. Now, we’ve got new asphalt encroaching on the already compacted soil around the few remaining mature trees. Soil compaction is proven to have a negative impact on the health of trees. Without space available for oxygen and water, tree roots suffocate. These majestic trees now have vehicles parking on one side and asphalt on the other. Sadly their days are likely numbered due to poor planning of this important stretch of waterfront. Does Cobourg not have a tree protection policy in place? Virtually every other municipality does. At minimum a buffer should be created on the north side to protect their roots from even more damage.

3 years ago

Can we please get rid of these idiotic one-way streets! Orange St. works well, but The Esplanade and now part of Hibernia and the parking lot exit! Do they think people are inept drivers.

Bloated Senior
3 years ago


Bill Thompson
Reply to  Bloated Senior
3 years ago

Steam roller,steam shovel….Those were the days ! 👍 😊

Reply to  Bill Thompson
3 years ago

A road roller…is a compactor-type engineering vehicle used to compact soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt in the construction of roads and foundations.

Road rollers are frequently referred to as steamrollers, regardless of their method of propulsion.


Bill Thompson
Reply to  JimT
3 years ago
3 years ago

Would it have killed them to put up a decent looking fence?

Reply to  Ahewson
3 years ago

Some years ago there was this study and survey how to make our waterfront better looking – and now they put up another ugly fence in front of the old ugly fence and some derelict looking huts etc. It seems we have money to beautifully screen the entrances to the 2 Marina washrooms (probably for privacy) but leave us with real eyesores fronting the storage area. The few flower boxes unfortunately don’t help much…..

beach lover
Reply to  Marie
3 years ago

Agreed. It’s neither safe for pedestrians, attractive or environmentally friendly. So disappointing given that there was so much effort, money and input into developing a waterfront plan.