Councillors’ Coordinator Reports

Regular Council meetings are mostly just giving final approval to motions made at the Committee of the Whole meetings a week earlier but they also include “Coordinator reports”.  The way Cobourg Council is currently organized, each Councillor is assigned a department to focus on and they “report” at each regular Council meeting.  These are mostly about stuff we already know about or don’t care about (sorry) but sometimes they include snippets that are interesting.  Last night’s reports included a number of items worth reporting – so below are highlights (my choices – access to full report via video in link below). Note that one of the recommendations of the recent organization review is that the Coordinator system be reviewed and possibly discarded effective the next term of Council.

Mayor John Henderson
Economic Development

  • The County has bought land at 473 Ontario Street and plans to build 62 affordable housing units there.
  • Mayor Henderson, Port Hope’s Mayor Bob Sanderson and MPP Piccini have been working with Metrolinx on getting the Go Transit service extended to Northumberland but have now been informed by Metrolinx that there are not enough people to justify extending the service past Clarington.  So instead, the County will work towards a Northumberland organized service that will connect with Clarington, Oshawa and Durham.
  • Although the Town has been meeting with the Province on ideas for Brookside, the Province has now decided to first ask other ministries if they have a use for the Property.  However, we have been promised a decision by January 2022.

Deputy Mayor Suzanne Séguin
General Government

  • Suzanne is the prime Council member for the budget and reports that the draft budget as it currently stands would require an increase in the tax levy of 6.7% – reduced by growth of 2.2% to a net 4.5%.  She hopes this can be reduced during budget review meetings later this week.

Councillor Nicole Beatty
Planning and Development Services

  • There will be an open house on November 29 for the Public to obtain information and ask questions of the consultant team and municipal staff regarding the Tannery District Sustainable Neighbourhood Master Plan project.
  • There have been a large number of applications for grants and subsidies from the 2021 Community Improvement Program.  These are now being evaluated.

Councillor Brian Darling
Public Works Services

  • Winter Parking rules are now in effect – see the bylaw here.  Brian also asked residents to avoid parking on the Street when snow plows are active.

Councillor Emily Chorley
Parks and Recreation

  • 100,000 Christmas Lights are currently being installed in Victoria Park and Rotary Park.  There will be no “lights on” event this year but they should be on starting next week.
  • Emily is listening to public input for the budget – especially concerning the need for Pickle Ball courts.

Councillor Aaron Burchat
Protection Services

  • The Fire Department is currently training 7 volunteer recruits.
  • The Police Board approved the use of Electric cars for Police – specifically a Ford Mach-E (car) and a hybrid Ford Interceptor (SUV).
  • The public survey on the proposed body worn camera program closes 24 November.

Councillor Adam Bureau
Arts, Culture and Tourism

  • There WILL be a first night program this New Year’s Eve.

If you want to see what I missed, you can see the Councillors’ reports on the escribe video recording of the meeting.  Go to this link which takes you to the 2:24:55 mark on Monday’s meeting.  Note that the full report goes to 3:04:36 – around 40 minutes.


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2 years ago

If anybody thinks that these reports inform the ‘uninformed’ Cllrs about the state of the Municipality I have some swamp land to sell. All these reports do is to emphasize just how little meaningful information is given to Cllrs outside of their own portfolios. Just goes to show that information is power.

Time to abolish these self aggrandizing reports and implement a full and knowledgeable committee system!

Wally Keeler
Reply to  ben
2 years ago

I know what a committee is, but what is a committee “system”?

Reply to  Wally Keeler
2 years ago

A system of governance that uses committees and not coordinators. Not sure if you were trying to make a joke or asking seriously. The term committee system is quite common in government.

Reply to  Concerned
2 years ago

So is stupidity

Reply to  Leweez
2 years ago

Wow aren’t we crusty.

Wally Keeler
Reply to  Concerned
2 years ago

I have avoided government as much as possible during my life. Thanks Concerned. It was a sincere question. The answer is govern mentality. It drives people bureaucrazy.