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This post is a little different – it’s about web sites serving Cobourg – and particularly about ones that entertain. Most web sites provide information but some do more. This post will attempt to help guide you. Many people use Facebook pages for information. These are really personal web sites and some are even used by businesses instead of conventional web sites but Facebook sites are limited. I will point you to easy ways to get news, information on clubs, information on the Town and I’ll highlight a few neat stories about Cobourg that you may or may not have heard of. Did you know that a commercial passenger plane once landed here?  And that there was a public hanging?  Did you know that Cobourg has always competed with Port Hope?  That’s why Cobourg wanted a bridge over Rice Lake.  Keep reading.


Since you are reading this, you probably know about the other local news web sites.  The major ones are Northumberland News (Operated by a Toronto Star subsidiary) and Today’s Northumberland (Pete Fisher is the main contributor) but you can get a list here.  News about Entertainment is covered here – not reports after the fact but links to event calendars and lists of major regular events. It did include a complete detailed list of events but it was so little used, that service has been discontinued.

Town Information

You can of course go to the Town web site – if you do that, it’s best you use Search to find what you are looking for. If you want Meeting Agendas and streaming, go to escribe here. (It’s best to then click “upcoming”). Or you can go to Cobourg Internet – includes contact Information for Councillors and Staff, lists of clubs in Cobourg with their web sites, and lots of general information.

Neat Stories and Cobourg History

Over a long period of time – e.g. from the Founding of Cobourg to now – there are bound to be neat stories (cool stories?) and that turns out to be true.  There are three major History web sites in Cobourg, or there were.  That’s the Sifton-Cook Museum and  two others.  Cobourg History had all the neat stories but the Cobourg Historical Society site had resources and the organization but the sites are now merged.

I am particularly keen on these stories:

  • A Plane landed in Cobourg – a C46E with 33 passengers and 3 crew.  It landed in December 1951 in the farmers field where Canadian Tire is now located.  Very dramatic.
  • Billy King – a Colborne/Brighton love triangle in the 1850’s that ended in murder and a Public Hanging in Cobourg
  • The Cobourg Peterborough Railway – compared to Port Hope, it’s shorter by railway to Peterborough if you build a bridge over Rice Lake.

Anyway, the upgraded Cobourg Historical Society site now has a whole lot more historical information. It’s no longer just a club site.

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Sports Fan
2 years ago

Another great site for Cobourg History is the Cobourg and District Sports Hall of Fame page – https://www.cdshf.ca/

2 years ago

Has there ever been a play written about the plane landing in Cobourg?

2 years ago

Do we have two George Taylor’s on this thread? They seem to be talking to each other.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gerry
2 years ago

Wow! This concept of Posts will be fascinating and very much appreciated, John. Thanks so very much!

George Taylor
Reply to  marya
2 years ago

THANKS John for the list. unless you are a New’s Junkie, people would not be aware of these other site’s (for a retired couple, there is an hour of reading of local new’s every morning)
George & Marylou Taylor

George Taylor
Reply to  George Taylor
2 years ago


Yvonne Michalski
Reply to  George Taylor
2 years ago

Super post, John, thanks for this gem.

George Taylor
Reply to  George Taylor
2 years ago