Town and DBIA preparing for Cobourg’s Christmas in 2020

Plans are underway for a different kind of Downtown Christmas celebration this year – there will be lights as usual but no turning-on ceremony; instead of the 65th Santa Claus Parade there will be floats but only three of them and they won’t move – but there’s more.  The “downtown corridor” (presumably King Street) will be lined with trees that are to be decorated by the merchants. And residents are not left out – they will be challenged to decorate their homes and the Town will produce a “drive-by map” so others can enjoy.  These ideas were presented by the Town’s Marketing and Events manager, Kara Euale, at a presentation to Council on October 7 and briefly mentioned on my Post about that (see link below).

Static Floats

The floats will be static and parked downtown in a similar fashion to the pianos in some previous summers. That would mean at least one outside Victoria Hall. They are to be built by “local businesses and community organizations” with the winners selected by a competition.  It’s asked that anyone wanting to participate should submit drawings of what they propose. The top three submissions will be awarded $1000 to be put towards the building of their float. There have to be lights (the Town will supply power) and they must be family friendly. Advertising logos are allowed but the logos of the Town and DBIA must also be included. It’s expected the floats will be large but no bigger than 7ft x 20ft.  Drawings must be submitted no later than November 12 with winners notified by November 13.  Floats are to be completed and moved into place Friday, December 4.

Santa Float from 2014
Santa Float from 2014

The floats will have to be quite different to usual since nearly all those in parades that I’ve seen had lots of people on them.  One exception was the Restore float in 2014 – see photo. To remind yourself, here is a collection of photo/video galleries including Santa parades from 2014 through 2019. This program provides a chance for “local businesses and community organizations” to show some creativity – let’s hope this happens.

Send submissions and/or requests for more info to Jackie Chapman-Davis at [email protected]

Christmas Decorations

The DBIA and Council recently approved renting and installing the downtown “Curly-Q” lights once again but this year there will also be trees lining the “downtown corridor” – it’s hoped that trees outside stores will be decorated by those store owners. [Update below]  The idea is that the static floats and the decorated trees will attract people to Downtown – much like the Santa Parade and lights turning-on ceremony have done in previous years.

The Town also plans to challenge Cobourg residents to make a special effort to decorate their homes this Christmas and send photos to the Town.  The Town would then make a driving map available so others can enjoy their efforts.  No doubt the map would include the Esplanade and Victoria Park lights as well.

It’s expected that more information on the floats, trees and decorated houses will be provided  as we get closer to December [See Update below].


Update – 5 November

The Town has now made an official announcement about the above.

The multiple decorated trees idea has gone – instead there will be:

Downtown Seasonal Decorations
In addition to the Downtown seasonal decorative lights, the Marketing and Events department and the Cobourg DBIA will decorate King Street and the downtown corridor with additional lights and decorations. Victoria Hall will also be decorated with a holiday village display.

Home decorating photo submissions are due Monday, December 11th and can be emailed to Jackie Chapman Davis at [email protected]

Official Announcement

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3 years ago

Yay! I am so happy that the festivities are being honoured this year! It sure has been a tough one for most of us and I am grateful for this bit of joy 💗 I wouldn’t expect it to be the same as the years before as 2020 has been unique and tested our resilience, adaptability and ability to be innovative. Looking forward to seeing downtown all dressed up 🤩 hopefully it also encourages everyone to shop local and buy local. Happy Holidays Cobourg!

3 years ago

“Christmas! Bah, humbug!…every idiot who goes about with ‘Merry Christmas’ on his lips should be boiled with his own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through his heart.”
— Charles Dickens, speaking as Ebenezer Scrooge [1843].

Brenda Ferris
3 years ago

As a recent new resident, YES to making Christmas as cheery as possible. Especially because of Covid, we all need the cheer! We moved to Cobourg for the small town feel and have been made to feel welcome by both residents and merchants. Let us all work together and support one another!

Liz Taylor
3 years ago

Merry Christmas Paul – in the spirit of Christmas I liked your message the best. Large town, small town – I always have enjoyed the Christmas season. People are warmer, happier and their is a special feeling.

So Merry Christmas to all – I look forward to the season with 3 floats or more!

Paul Pagnuelo
3 years ago

Merry Christmas and don’t let the grouches spoil the season.

Yes it won’t be the same but nothing is these days. Donate generously to the NHH or Salvation Army and put a smile on somebody’s face.

3 years ago

Three floats?? With the need for local businesses to promote themselves surely we could have more than 3 floats. There are lots of places they could be placed for people to drive past them.

Reply to  Linda
3 years ago

It says: “The top three submissions will be awarded $1000 to be put towards the building of their float.” Apparently more are allowed, just not subsidized by the town.  

Deborah OConnor
3 years ago

Cobourg’s Christmas parade and other events are important to many of us who enjoy the festivity year after year with its opportunity to bump into old friends and share stories and laugh together. Maybe that’s the zing city people miss because the charm and joy of small town life is beyond their understanding.

Reply to  Deborah OConnor
3 years ago

From what I understand Christmas will pretty well cancelled this year but I also believe the beach will be open and free for “out of towners”. 🙂

Reply to  Conor
3 years ago

Stay focused Conor. Maybe you wish to donate to the NHH like Paul suggests we consider. Might be the only way we can get a nickle out of you.

Reply to  Deborah OConnor
3 years ago

I think “laughing together” is illegal these days – it tends to spread the virus, so they tell us. That and singing together. Forget about it.

Last edited 3 years ago by JimT
Reply to  Deborah OConnor
3 years ago

Geez, makes you wonder if they ever had Christmas in the big cities.

Last edited 3 years ago by Frenchy
Cobourg taxpayer
3 years ago

How many event planners working from home did it take to plan this?

Reply to  Cobourg taxpayer
3 years ago

Is that a question or an accusation?
Just wondering.