Shooting Victim at Hospital

At around 10:45 Tuesday morning (24 March), a car delivered an “adult male” suffering from a gun-shot wound to the Northumberland Hills Hospital Emergency department.  Police were called and are investigating.  Their statement says that “this incident is being investigated by members of the Criminal Investigations Bureau, assisted by members of Uniform Patrol, Forensic Identification Services and Special Constables.  The investigation is in the early stages and investigators believe that this was not a random incident.”  The victim is reported to have “serious but non-life-threatening injuries”  And “the location of the shooting is unknown at this time.”  A photo is being circulated of the car that it’s believed dropped off the man – see below.

Possible car involved

Because of the crime, the Hospital felt the need to also issue a statement:

  • The crime did not occur at NHH. Police have advised that the location of the shooting is unknown at this time. The hospital is open, secure and there is no risk to staff or patients.
  • Uniformed police officers have been temporarily stationed at the Emergency Entrance, Front (Main) Entrance and the staff entrance to reassure both the public and the hospital team. NHH’s Dialysis/Cancer and Supportive Care entrance is currently locked and staffed by NHH Security to support patient entry.
  • Police presence will continue at the main hospital site through the day and early evening as a precaution.
  • “We thank Cobourg Police Services and NHH security for their support. The NHH team is here and ready to support all who need acute care,” said Linda Davis, President and CEO.

The Cobourg Police Service is asking anyone with information to contact Detective Sergeant John Linney # 281 by calling 905-372-6821, ext. 2229, or to call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS or leave an anonymous tip online at

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4 years ago

I’d bet the police have a complete video of the approaching vehicle, including the plate number, and are proceeding accordingly.

Merry Mary
Reply to  JimT
4 years ago

The UC work 24/7.

Reply to  Merry Mary
4 years ago


Merry Mary
Reply to  Frenchy
4 years ago

Apologies. “Undercover Constables” is what I call a Family Member.

4 years ago

Why not release the name of the victim. The police may get better results.

4 years ago

Could you not tell us the make model and year of the car? Almost read license plate number?
What kind of help are the police. Thanks a lot. Not.

Reply to  danny
4 years ago

My feelings also, danny! I do not think one has to be a rocket scientist, in order to figure out both the type of car and also read the Ontario licence plate? I say this with all due respect!
Maybe we should call in the OPP for help?