Northumberland Covid-19 update

The virus is not going away anytime soon – cases in Northumberland continue to rise and now Health authorities are setting up more testing locations.  McGill University recently did a survey of 28 experts and their average response was that a vaccine would not be available until June 2021 or even the Fall.  Meanwhile Trudeau has warned that “Christmas may be in jeopardy”.  As of Tuesday this week, there were 48 confirmed cases in Northumberland – up from 46 on Friday. If you meet certain criteria, up till now you could get tested at Northumberland Hills Hospital or Campbellford Hospital but starting November 4, a location in Port Hope will be added. In all cases, an appointment is necessary – call the existing booking line at NHH:  905-377-7783. The Port Hope location is actually just north of Canton at the Port Hope Community Hub (formerly the Canton Municipal Hall) at 5325 County Road 10.

NHH Emergency Covid-19 Testing
NHH Emergency Covid-19 Testing

Also, the new location is only for people without symptoms who need a test – e.g. if they plan to visit a long term care home or who need testing before a surgical procedure.  Testing there is only available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  See full Press release below for more details.

There are also changes at NHH: the assessment centre is now located in a new self-enclosed trailer that has been set up on the lawn immediately in front of the Emergency Department entrance – see the photo. Test results are available in two days.

We are all hoping for an end to this but some of the news is not good – a British study suggests that immunity may not last long and two shots a year of a vaccine may be needed (See CNBC report in links).

In Cobourg, Victoria Hall continues to be closed to the public with no opening date in sight.  This has disrupted Parking and Transit because parking and transit passes are often bought there.  But although staff suggested that charges for Downtown parking should resume November 16, Council wanted to support businesses over Christmas so extended free parking to Jan 4 (at least).  Director Laurie Wills said that parking passes are available online – and those without a computer can use a library computer.  Buses will continue to be free until Victoria Hall is open. Council meetings will continue to be virtual (Zoom) until at least the end of 2020.

One of the more popular pages on Cobourg news Blog is the Covid-19 information page – this attempts to list all the restrictions in Town including the number of Covid-19 cases.  It’s updated frequently.


Addendum – 29 October 2020 – 9:58 am

A new press release says the following:

The Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit is asking many questions in a newly launched COVID-19 survey (available at that runs from now until early December 2020. The confidential, anonymous survey is open to anyone 18 years of age and older who lives in Haliburton County, Northumberland County, and the City of Kawartha Lakes.

Full announcement here.

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3 years ago

One of the possible responses in the survey:

“I don’t think the COVID-19 pandemic is

not as serious as some people say it is”

How to respond to that one?

Makes you question the overall quality and credibility of the whole thing.

3 years ago

I find this less than transparent info on cases.Two new cases recently but all others have recovered in our area.Be sure to not spread fear.

Old Sailor
3 years ago

I find it odd that every retail store in town from Woody’s Smoke Shop to Walmart is open for business and serving customers but our Town Hall is still closed to Cobourg residents. I called our Town Hall last week and asked if I could purchase garbage tags there. When they said they no, as they were still in lockdown I asked where else I could purchase them. They told me “at some retail stores”, which charge varying service charges on top of the $3.75 per tag. Not liking that response I called the County office on Elgin Street and they said they sell the tags for $3.75 and they are open to the public. I went there masked and received very friendly service. Too bad Cobourg’s Town Hall is not open to the public and their staff could not tell me to buy the tags at the County office. My sense is that there are still some senior staff at our Town Hall that are way over the top on mitigating any and every potential liability – like servicing Cobourg taxpayers. In my view, we need a change in attitude there.

Reply to  Old Sailor
3 years ago

Your Lucky to get a call back or E mail response from the Town in less than 3 days 5 is more like it as they are all Not working from home .
But you may see them out for their morning stroll around 10 am on the Board walk .

Deborah OConnor
Reply to  Sandpiper
3 years ago

Can you verify your assertion about staff strolling on the boardwalk? And a question:if they are how do you know it’s not their morning break?

SW Buyer
Reply to  Old Sailor
3 years ago

Old Sailor:
Totally agree with you.

You’re not the first to notice the difference in service by Cobourg staff and the County. Port Hope, like the County provides good friendly service.

Most businesses are open for business and glad to be open….except the Town.

Hopefully the new CAO is an agent of change and will “install” a “customer friendly” culture.

3 years ago

Your info sheet on your blog is excellent, Once again, a very informative and useful reference for Cobourg residents to navigate life at this time. Thank you John.

3 years ago

The link at the bottom of this report is very misleading. It reads:

In fact, the data shown are for Northumberland County, not the Town of Cobourg: fewer than 50 cases in the whole county, 3 hospitalizations to date, and 1 death, apparently not recent.

There’s no way of knowing for certain from the “Information Page for Cobourg” whether there are now, or ever were, any cases of Covid-19 within the town limits at all.

Last edited 3 years ago by JimT
Small town lover
Reply to  JimT
3 years ago

Apparently it’s a privacy issue. No names of people are ever published which is understandable, but I don’t understand why the town name can not be disclosed. I believe we have the right to know if someone in Cobourg has been diagnosed with Covid and I believe more mask usage and less socializing in groups would occur, if people had that information.

Reply to  Small town lover
3 years ago

This information could be provided from the Health Unit. The privacy issue can be taken a little too far. I agree with what you are saying. Changes are happening there and maybe we will see a change in policy.

Last edited 3 years ago by Informed