Merry Christmas from Cobourg News Blog

A year ago we had a “normal” Christmas and nobody imagined that 2020 would be such a disaster. But we now have light at the end of the tunnel with vaccines coming so even though Christmas for many will mean smaller family gatherings, we humans are a resourceful lot and we’ll still find a way to feel good at Christmas time. Alma and I are planning to join two others in our “bubble” at a Christmas lunch at a local restaurant and we have already had a small family Christmas lunch (two other family members).  I know that some kind souls are offering to do similar things with individuals who live on their own.  In the odd times I have stepped outside, I notice that everyone is observing the rules – mask indoors (and often outdoors as well) and keeping your distance.

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

The Town is still partially shut down with the CCC and everything else closed until January 23. The Town’s New Year’s Eve celebrations have been cancelled and the Mayor’s Levee is going virtual but let’s focus on the good things.

  • Vaccines will be coming soon and will likely be dispensed in Cobourg like the Flu shots – in Pharmacies and walk-in centres. News and updates will be here.
  • Northumberland is not as badly affected by the virus as other areas.
  • The worst US President in history will finally be gone before too long – that has to mean a better world (I hope my opinion here doesn’t offend anyone).
  • No more Newspapers have shut down despite difficult times.
  • Zoom and other video conferencing technologies have enabled many businesses and clubs to continue to operate.

Let’s hope that 2021 turns out as we expect and by the time we get to Christmas 2021, we should be back to normal – although the experiences of 2020 will have a permanent impact.

But let’s all make the most of this Christmas – I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a New Year better than not only 2020 (that wouldn’t be hard) but also the best ever.

John Draper

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Liz Taylor
3 years ago

John, thank you for reporting on the passing of Paul Pagnuelo and providing a link to further information on Paul’s life. My condolences to his family. I liked his comments very much.

3 years ago

John thanks to you. and your family, for the time and effort you put in on behalf of us all. You are worthy of this thanks through out the year, in particular though this year must have been extra-ordinarily difficult. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to you and your entire family.

3 years ago

Why would anyone put a -1 on any of these comments. Very sad for them. But like all the writers below I want to say Merry Christmas to all and to you John D. You do a lot to keep us all informed. Enjoy your supper out. Excellent job on your logo with the Waterfront park enterence. Merry Xmas.

3 years ago

John, thanks for yr honest reporting that keeps all of us updated and on the news of the day , I guess one of the many things I appreciate most is the fact that you report the news and not put any political slant on it, very refreshing considering our so called main stream media reporting and the bias that is attached to it ,
Looking forward to continuing to follow you, merry Christmas and happy new year

Karen Galloway
3 years ago

Thank you John for keeping me posted on what was happening in Cobourg as I was searching for a new home. Last month I made the move from Uxbridge, and am happy that I made the right decision. Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays to you & yours.

Pamela Jackson
3 years ago

John, thank you so very much for the greatly appreciated daily news from Cobourg. After 14 years away we still miss the lovely town and look forward to a visit as soon as we can travel again. From the shores of Vancouver Island to the shore of Lake Ontario a big, very socially distant hug to you and Alma.

ben burd
3 years ago

And the same to you and Alma, John and don’t go anywhere next year!

3 years ago

Thanks John. YOU are a wonderful Xmas & New Year’s gift for all of us!

3 years ago

Merry Christmas and thank you.

Catherine S Gissing
3 years ago

Happy Holidays to you and Alma – and many thanks to both of you for all you do to knit the community together. Your reporting is often the highlight of my day John and Alma’s contributions at Petticoat ensure that NHH continues to receive much needed financial support.

3 years ago

Thank you John for keeping us all connected with our community through your blog. We wish you and Alma good health and happiness for 2021

3 years ago

Merry Christmas John and you have done a magnificent job on the Cobourg Blog. Keep up the good work.