Major Projects Continue During Covid-19 Crisis

One department at the Town that is keeping busy is planning – there are about two dozen projects being reviewed – some major like the Golden Plough Lodge rebuild and some smaller like the new Coast Guard building on the East Pier.  There are also some that have left planning but are under construction like the Legion Condos on Hibernia which should be finished later this year.  Also on their plate are a review of Zoning ByLaws and hopefully some action on the Tannery property although that has had no action since 2018. Construction is now allowed subject to Social Distancing so these projects could well go ahead.  Some have stopped – there’s been no action on the Holiday Inn, the French Separate Elementary school or a couple of Subdivisions in the Northeast end of Town.

Glenn McGlashon
Glenn McGlashon

At right: File photo of Glenn McGlashon Director, Planning and Development Services.

Projects proceeding

East Village Phase 5
On an 11.87 ha parcel of vacant land located on the north-west corner of King Street East and Willmott Street, a developer proposes 65 blocks/lots for a total of 334 dwelling units.
Draft Plan of Subdivision/Condominium approved 9 September 2019
Cobourg News Blog article -12 July 2019
Status:  Project approved by Council on May 19 2020 and pre-servicing work has begun

555 Courthouse Road –  Golden Plough Lodge
Application for Site Plan approval received August 2019.
Cobourg News Blog Article – 15 April 2018
Status: Under review and proceeding – most recent scheduled completion date was December 2022. The County of Northumberland has scheduled a status report presentation at the June 1st Committee of the Whole (C.O.W.) meeting

1111 Elgin Street West – Northumberland Mall – Trinity Northumberland Inc.
A strip plaza – a free standing, multi-unit commercial building, consisting of seven units, including a drive-through restaurant located in the parking area of Northumberland Mall, north of Dollarama. The proposal also includes the re-alignment of the existing driveway north of the Metro supermarket – cars would then exit to Rogers Road closer to LCBO opposite the Mark’s Work Wearhouse driveway.
Rezoning approved 2 December 2019.  Site Plan approval application received January 2020.
Cobourg News Blog article – 17 Jan 2020
Status: Development Agreement being requested at June 1, 2020 C.O.W. meeting

425 and 425A King Street East – Mason Homes
Twenty-seven new freehold townhouse lots proposed within five residential blocks. The proposed townhouse lots will have municipal road access via an extension of Orchard Avenue with a connection to King Street East.
Draft Approval of a Plan of Subdivision given 21 October 2019, application for final subdivision approval received by Council in February 2020
Cobourg News Blog article – 27 Feb 2019
Status: Final plan of subdivision under review

428-432 King Street East – PlazaCorp.
Brook and King East – Convenience and Gas Bar and 2 drive through Restaurants
Site Plan application received by Council in March 2020
Status:  Under review – continuing

25 James Street East and 321 John Street (Trinity)
3-storey, 27 unit rental apartment building, of which 13 units will be defined as affordable.
Zoning and Official plan amendments passed 29 April 2019
Cobourg Blog News Article – 1 April 2019
Status:  Continuing

311-325 University Ave W and 387 William Street
Balder Corporation is planning a mix of market and affordable rental units in a new building of 71 apartments
Cobourg Blog News Article – 3 July 2019
Status: Conditional Site Plan Approval granted by Council

415 King Street West – Cobourg Creek Lofts 
Redevelopment of property at corner of King West and Tremaine Street (old Cobourg Star building). Two storeys and 26 units.
Site Plan application received January 2020
Status:  Under review – continuing

New Amherst 6-Plex – New Amherst Ltd./Fryett Architects
A three storey building with 6 units is proposed for the SE Corner of New Amherst Blvd. & Charles Wilson Parkway.
Application received January 2020
Status:  Project approved by Council on May 19 2020 – proceeding

114 Division Street – Coast Guard Search and Rescue 
New building on the East Pier
Application for Site Plan approval received in July 2019
Cobourg Blog News Article – 7 August 2019
Status: Under review and proceeding

Dodge Street – Loadstar Trailers 
Medium sized manufacturing facility for Loadstar Trailers – the size of 1784 sq. m. is more than double the size of their existing facility in Port Hope.
Application for Site Plan approval received in July 2019
Status: Project approved by Council in March 2020 and proceeding

589 King Street West – Cedar Shores Estates
15 lots intended for high-end custom homes
Cobourg Blog News Article – 27 March 2018
SubDivision Draft Approved 18 July 2016, granted final approval on April 9 2018
Now sellingweb site

545 King Street East – Goldmanco
Southeast corner of Willmott and King Street East. Was approved for a supermarket in 2007 but a new application for Site Plan approval was received in March 2019.  New design includes a supermarket, drive through restaurant and other commercial buildings.
Status: Under Review

271 Clyde Street & 312 Clyde Street
Two separate residential infill developments each consisting of four (4) building lots on vacant land. 
Council approval granted February 26 2019 and September 9 2019 respectively.
Status: Pre-servicing work commencing in June 2020

440-448 Elgin Street West – Heli Homes Inc.
A new medium density residential development consisting of twenty-seven (27) two storey townhouse units is proposed. Application for Site Plan Approval received by Council on October 21, 2019
Status: Under review – site is fenced off

Rondeau Lands 107.3 ha of land located in the area of Brook Road north of Elgin St E 
Sub-division – between 1600 and 2000 residential units and mixed-use units
Amendments to Official Plan and Zoning ByLaw, and Draft Plan of Subdivision for 216 units approved 23rd day of July, 2018
Cobourg Blog News Article
Status: Under review

D’Arcy Street, north of Nickerson Drive 
Small Subdivision consisting of 23 detached lots
Zoning and Official plan amendments Approved 10 Sept 2018
Condo and sub-division Draft Approved 30 Nov 2018
Application for final subdivision approval received by Council on February 18, 2020
Cobourg Blog News Article
Status:  Under review

82 Munroe Street – Affordable Housing Solutions Inc.
The project involves a mix of market and affordable rental units in a new building of 35 apartments (sister building to 86 Munroe Street).
Status: Under construction

Augusta Court Condominiums – LeBlanc Enterprises
A medium density residential condominium development consisting of six, single storey, four-plex buildings for a total of twenty-four units at 255 Densmore Road, approved by Council in May 2018
Status: Under construction

Habitat for Humanity – 22-24 University Avenue West
Habitat’s project involves a 2-unit rear addition to the existing 2-unit building.  Re-zoning application approved in September 2018 and the Site Plan Approval application approved by Council on October 15 2019.
Status: Under construction

University Terrace – Rollins Developments
Project consists of a multiple residential condominium development consisting of four (4) single storey, multi-unit buildings with a total of ten (10) dwelling units.  Site Plan Approval granted by Council in May 2019.
Status: Under construction

Alder Court – LeBlanc Enterprises
Consists of a small, 11-unit cul-de-sac extension of Alder Road.  Subdivision final approval was granted in November 2017.
Status: Under construction

New Amherst Stage 2 – New Amherst Ltd.
Final approval of Stage 2, Phase 2 granted by Council on June 10 2019 consisting of a mix of single detached, semi-detached and multiple residential dwellings totaling up to 296 units
Status: Pre-servicing complete, dwellings under construction

Projects not moving

Lot 22 & 23 Concession 1 – DePalma Developments
Holiday Inn planned
Rezoning approved 12 November, 2019
Status: Hotel site has been created – awaiting Site Plan application [Expected June 5]

New Amherst Blvd/Fred Adams St. – Elementary School
French Language Separate School planned
Cobourg News Blog article
Zoning By-Law Approved 30 April 2018
Status: no further activity


With staff mostly working from home, it’s fortunate that necessary files are now electronic and available via the Town’s Intranet since planning, of necessity, works with documents a lot.

NOTE: My thanks to Director Glenn McGlashon for vetting and expanding on the details in this post.


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3 years ago

Hello John! How about the condominium development on Queen St (old auto repair store and public parking area) ?That location is amazing, I wonder if there’s any update information.

3 years ago

This town should be a really nice place when they get it finished.

— old joke.

3 years ago

Hello John! I didn’t see anything about the ‘Foodlands’ project? I wonder if it’s still in the works?

Beach walker
3 years ago

Cobourg is growing. I see a few Facebook posts a week now from people who are moving here or planning on moving here in the near future and they want details on housing, schools,etc. Also a Newcomers Club is in the works. I have been here 8 years and not seen much growth but happy that is a about to change. Thanks for the update John.

Reply to  Beach walker
3 years ago

Be careful what you wish for.

3 years ago

Although many, many companies have pulled back on capital expenditures to improve their balance I’m glad to see that this Town has continued on with their infrastructure spend, fueling jobs and leading to an improvement in the quality of life for current and future Cobourg-ians. I believe that quality-of-life is definitely in the wheelhouse of Cobourg councilors.

Reply to  Gerinator
3 years ago

I don’t understand the County and Golden P lough Fixation Long term care world is about to change May be the Province will be taking a control position and the design may well change

when all the smoke settles on this Covid stuff

Reply to  Gerinator
3 years ago

The Town has always been ahead of the curve on infrastructure spending and has done a great job in keeping up

Reply to  Informed
3 years ago

Too bad they can’t fix up Tremaine Street, after all, its only 20 years since it has been a roller coaster ride at 25kph. Perhaps too much expenditure on downtown area streets and lack of concern on outside downtown areas.

Reply to  cornbread
3 years ago

It’s one flipping street, a lightly used one at that. Get over it.